Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Shed Tears Whenever I Hear His Name.

I really want to appreciate you ma for creating this platform to solving relationship and life issues, God bless you
Some months ago I posted about having a boyfriend and because of distance between us I felt like the relationship wasn't working. So I took a bold step to travel from where I was to where he stays to solve issues and later found out that he was having an affair with his neighbour because I was with his phone and a message came in, and I checked it and
read a lot of this that broke my heart.. 
He tried explaining but after I confronted him, he admitted that it was true but that he truly loves me and not her. Out of the pain and heart break I traveled the next day back to my base, that was in May..
But meanwhile I had a guy here that was asking me out but I refused because I thought I had someone. So we became close and started loving each other, later found out that I love him more than he does, so many issues which I really don't want to bring out because it's getting too long already.
But just recently he doesn't care for me anymore, he doesn't listen to my heart to know when I am sad or happy. There is this girl that always calls him on phone and he picks and when I ask him about her, he will say there is nothing between them. Then one day I found out that he told her that we were just friends and nothing more, and I felt so bad that I cried all night.
He later asked for forgiveness that he just said that to make her happy, then I forgave him. Not long after that we got back together again.. He then cheated on me this time, and I caught him red handed. Aunty he begged for my forgiveness and I forgave him again.. I know I am stupid and most of my friends are not happy with me..
Ma I am really heartbroken and I find it hard to move on with life. We still talk and I still see him, that makes the pain worse. I still love him despite everything he has done. Please help me ma because when I hear his name, it's only tears that comes out from my eyes, I can't seem to love anyone anymore, nothing matters anymore, I have lost weight, please help me ma. I am so sorry this message is lengthy but this is how I feel.
Thanks a lot

If only you know how much you mean to God and to humanity, you won't reduce yourself to an object of emotional torture and pains.
If a man could humiliate you by sleeping with another lady without even considering your emotions, you deserve better than that. 
What you're experiencing is the fear of the unknown and low self esteem, because I have no idea why you will choose to stay with a man that makes you shed tears and go through emotional pains. 
It's not love that kept you with him, it's fear of not meeting a better man that made you feel that since you cannot find a perfect man, you wish to manage the available one. 
What if after waiting and wasting your time and emotions he ends up getting married to another lady, what will become your fate?
You need to dust yourself off from a hopeless and unhealthy relationship. No matter how many times he apologises, he has no regards for your emotions nor does he really care about your happiness and fulfilment in life. 
The earlier you recognise this, the better for you.

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