Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Husband Abuses Me Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.

Good day ma, I need your urgent advice please! I am married with two kids, have been married almost five years now! And these years I've been married would have been the worst years of my life if not for my adorable kids!
My husband abuses me emotionally, physically, mentally! In fact in every sense of the word! But have manage to stay put for my kids! My husband is ill tempered and does not hesitate to hit me when he is off, even while I was pregnant with our kids! He made me swear to an oath in their village to prove I have never cheated on him, and if I have I would loose my life!
I did that hoping all will be well between us after the oath and he will trust me again! But things didn't change! He has made my life a living hell! I was in school when we got married but he has frustrated all my effort to round off my studies. I have differed twice and later withdrew! I managed to secure an admission into another school yet he is still frustrating me! My parents are aware of all these but all my parents will say is that I should pray for him! I never stopped praying for him! But he is getting worst by the day, and now he has stopped my eldest daughter from school. When I ask him why, he said it was because of my attitude towards him!
Ma I decided to keep to myself because I found out during our years of being married that he has a house not too far from our matrimonial home where he spends most of his supposed trip! I confronted him about it and he said he own me, no explanations!
Ma I don't know what to do anymore, I and my kids are at home now when we should be in school, we are facing some financial difficulty at the moment but I have managed to pay part of my daughter's school fees! And mine could be paid later! In all these he doesn't see anything he has done wrong! Rather he always put the blame on me! He call me lazy and that I don't know how to take care of the house! Ma am doing my best, it's not easy managing the house with the kids and his younger brother who also stays with us! I do all the house chores! Cooking, cleaning, taking the kids to school, virtually everything with no help! He has sent the girl who was with us away and has said no one should come to the house to help me!
Please I need urgent response from you and your followers on what to do! Am tired, sick, depressed, and broke!! Help!! This is the second time am writing you ma!

It is quite painful and pathetic to remain in this misery you call marriage. You are no longer his wife but his slave and his sex object, this you must refute and reject with everything in you. 
It's time to quit praying alone and save yourself and your children from an impending danger. 
He doesn't own you because he paid your bride prize and don't allow anyone to treat you like an object in the name of marriage. It is not worth it and you shouldn't continue with this mess. 
Return back home with your children and pray for him from your father's house. Invest your little in some profitable business that will help you make savings and cater for your needs. 
When a marriage is no longer working, the best option is to separate and reevaluate the terms and conditions for the marriage.

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