Friday, November 25, 2016

My Husband is Threatening my Life.

Good even dear, thank God for a rare gem like you, helping lives and building homes. My husband is so emotional that he does not easily forgive anyone that offends him. Whenever we quarrel, he will keep malice which will reflect in his behaviour for a long time.

Some months back, we quarrelled and he ended up beating me with any weapon he laid his hands on. Thank God for the intervention of our neighbours that ended the fight. I wanted to report him to welfare but his family members begged me not to, that it will not happen again. They also advised him that his mum living with us should go to her house to enable us to understand ourselves which she never did.
Yesterday we had misunderstanding, before I knew it, he slapped me, out of fear I ran out of the house that night. I went to report him to the police station. They invited him and told us to go and settle amicably or if we are no longer interested in the marriage, that they will now refer us to the welfare.
Now my husband is not remorseful at all for what he did. Instead he keep threatening me and ceased all the properties he bought for me including the car he bought for me. Telling me I can stay in the marriage if I want because of my baby that is not up to a year old, but he will never have anything to do with me . That he will always provide and take care of the baby.
Mother-in-law is always in the house encouraging the son. I am thinking of what step to take because I am now living in fear. Your candid advice will be appreciated. Thank you
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When the man who is meant to protect you, pamper you, provide for you, and support you becomes the very man who threatens your life, slaps and abuses you emotionally, mentally and physically, there is a need for separation to enable both of you re-examine the purpose of getting married to each other. 
You cannot make meaningful progress living with a man who scares you, you cannot function in your best capacity when you live in fear with the man who should be your companion and best friend. 
Thank God for the properties he bought for you, but what you need most now is the peace of mind and good health to take care of yourself and your baby. 
I will suggest that since the presence of his mother is causing frictions and damages to your marriage, you may need to return home and meditate on the future of your marriage.
There's no need to stay in there and pray for him to change to avoid losing your life and exposing your son to the hardship of life. 

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