Monday, November 28, 2016

How Do I Show Love To My Mum?

Mrs Amara good day ma, your works are been appreciated at this end also you get prayers from this end.

Am 29 years old Muslim female from south-west Nigeria, am single and also a graduate from family of five, the only female.

I love, respect, and appreciate myself a lot but I got these two things(attitude) I know if I can change them, it will make me more valuable, peaceful, and have more respect.

1. I love my mum, she is gift from above BUT I don't know how to show/express it to her.
Sometimes I raise my voice at her, use harsh words, make her cry and remain sad because I present the truth with "harshness" to her.
I have prayed and fasted to know how to treat her with sweetness no matter what.
But I think it's time for more actions, prayers, and getting help.

2. I talk more (too much) , I WANT TO START TALKING LESS irrespective of the person/personality am dealing with, irrespective of the location and situation I am in.

Any help from you would be prayers answering from above through you, and I will appreciate it very very very much.
Thanks anticipation.

Your mother may not be perfect, she may not be as intelligent and smart as you, she may have her own shortcomings and limitations just like every other human being, she may offend you, or do something that hurt your feelings, but always remember that your mother is the genesis of your existence. 
That you are wiser, smarter, more intelligent or more beautiful as a lady, it began with her conceiving you, and sacrificing everything to raise you to become the lady you are today. 
Her body was distorted, her body experienced all manner of transformation, pain, sickness, and discomfort for your sake. 
She was torn between life and death, she saw hell within her laps but grace and mercy prevailed, and you're not only alive but you're a full grown lady who will soon become another man's wife, and the mother of beautiful children. 
She packed your faeces, bathed you, she sucked out the mucus in your nose, she was awake all night to make sure that you are healthy and happy. 
She couldn't afford to lose you because of the endless love she has for you. She defended you before the world and groomed you to who you are today. 
When you look at her breast, they don't look attractive or appealing as yours, she wasn't responsible for her looks, you are responsible for that, and the funny thing is that she's happy and fulfilled knowing that she gave her beauty to bring forth new life. 
No matter how crazy she might be, please learn to appreciate your mother, learn to respect her, learn to listen to her, and give her some credit for grooming you into the lady you are today. 
It is always our prayers that our children will be better than we are, but we don't hope to see our children make us feel worthless in life, or see our children make us feel like a failure in life. 
Start by telling your mother that you love her, learn to appreciate the little things she does for you, learn to listen to her and appreciate her for who she is. 
If you won't like your children to address you in the manner or way you address your mother, please consciously decide never to be harsh to your mother. 
Buy her little things, food, clothes, fruits, or anything that you feel that she will appreciate. Celebrate her in your own little way, and get closer to her. You're reacting in the manner that you do because you're very very far away from her which has made it difficult for you to understand her personality and relate to her like your companion. 
It doesn't mean that you will accept everything she says or does, it also doesn't mean that both of you won't have disagreements, but in all these you won't forget the very beginning of your existence. A sperm without an egg is only but a smelly and lifeless cream, so you must learn to humble yourself and give respect and credit to your mother. 

As regards to your habit of talking too much, I'm glad that you have an idea of your own limitation, it's the beginning of transformation of your character or flaws. It may not change immediately but with conscious effort and determination, you can gradually learn how to manage your mouth and communicate much more than you talk. 
You can also learn more about Water Therapy, and then learn to take a deep breath, listen, learn, and when extremely necessary respond. 
It's more like managing your appetite for talking and channelling your energy towards self development and enhancement to enable you understand the best way to manage your impulse and avoid talking when it's not necessary.

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