Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Is It Wrong To Express my Fears?

Good morning Aunty, God bless you for this great vision. I was introduced to this page by a friend and by God's special grace I have been following the stories and commenting where necessary.  I have also been following your advice.
Am 25 years heading to 26 by April, a lab technician by God's grace. I have been in some wrong relationships before now,
well as it pleases God, he has connected my partner to me, a servant of God. He proposed September and after prayers I accepted November first week and we have started courtship.  Mum, I know am convinced about him but as human this is what has been disturbing my mind, am a very hardworking girl that I know I can always work hard with my husband to make money but mum my fear is this, he is into full time ministry and his congregation is not very large, made up of mostly youths, you know what it means. He is not working anywhere or has any business, but he has skills in electrical works, painting etc.
Now my fear is, how will he have enough money to pay my dowry (am an Igbo girl, he is a Cross Riverian), and bless the marriage in church, and anytime I mention this to him, he will tell me that I don't have faith that it seems it has not dawned on me that am getting married to a  pastor.
Mum now my question is,  is it wrong and lack of faith that am expressing my fears or asking questions? Because I don't really want to depend on people for my wedding ceremony. Please mum advice us on how to go about this. Thank you.

It's good that he has discovered his purpose in life, and a man who has discovered his identity and his purpose in life is one that cannot be tossed about by irrelevant things. This you must appreciate of his personality, and also support him in your own little way. 
However he needs to get something doing to support himself and his ministry. It is too early for him to claim the status of a full time pastor and then expose his family to depend on the congregation for survival. 
He needs to realise that it's in his best interest to convert his skills into wealth and organise himself for responsibilities ahead of him. Apart from paying your dowry, he needs to pay school fees, perhaps house rent, and other bills that comes to him, and no matter how much the ministry pays him, it's not enough for him to fold his arms and do nothing, all in the name of a full time pastor. 
The best way to express his faith in his ministry is by equipping himself financially, maritally and spiritually, and he cannot do that by just sitting down and telling you that he's a full time pastor. 
If possible, encourage him to write to me here to enable me hear from him and then share a word or two with him. I am not in any way discouraging him in his ministry, I'm only saying that it's too early for him go into a full time ministry when he should strive to provide the best or the basic for his family before giving his all to his ministry.

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