Thursday, November 24, 2016

Which Is More Important, His Heart or Height?

Ma, I have two men that is asking for my hands in marriage. They are both from Imo State, and I'm from Imo state too. My genotype is AS, and one of them his genotype is AS too. He loves me, and believe if it is God's will, that he won't question him, rather he will come and see my people. So we're still praying for God's intervention. 

Then the second guy is a banker, a devout Christian, he is good and loving, and he wants to settle down before June next year which is his birthday. I love him because he has a good heart. But the problem is his stature, ma he is short, I'm very much taller than him, and while walking with him, I feel shy because of the difference in height. But he is more than caring, very good to me, has never hurt me. 
Ma'am I am finding it hard to accept his proposal, I'm so confused, I don't want to make mistake in marriage. The other guy too is good and loving, but the genotype is just like a barrier, but I have been hearing good testimony from genuine men of God, I believe if it is God's will, we can give birth without giving birth to SS. 
Ma'am please can height be a hindrance in marriage, also what are the chances of giving birth to SS kids. Thanks Mummy. Please advice me like your daughter, I'm just 23, and I am through with service, currently working.

I don't doubt that God can change blood genotypes, he's the only architect of human existence so it is very very possible. 
But I will give you counsel based on the medical information available to me. Getting married to a man who is AS carrier increases your chances of having an SS genotype carrier by twenty five percent, AA genotype carrier by twenty five percent, and an AS genotype carrier by fifty percent. 
Though the percentage may look insignificant to you, the probability or possibility of having an SS genotype carrier cannot be predicted because humans cannot influence it. 
Personally I will suggest that you leave the man and move on with your life, but if you believe that both of you can overcome the challenges, tests, and trials that comes with such a decision, then go ahead and marry him. 
For the second man, I won't tell you to marry him or to leave him because you are in the best position to decide what's most important to you. 
If you feel shy about his height, if you are not proud of him as the man who you desire to spend the rest of your life with, the father of your children, your companion, and your confidant, please don't accept his proposal. 
He's too good to be punished by a lady who wants someone else in her husband. I am not against your choice of partner or the physical attributes that you desire in your husband, but it won't be fair for you to marry him and then treat him as though he created himself a short man. 
In all, it is entirely wrong for you to keep two men and be bargaining on who to choose. It's as good as playing with their emotions and fooling them in the name of love. If you know that you are not comfortable with one, release him and pray for another, but don't keep two men and then tell me that you don't know who you love more.

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  1. Hi... amara maam, i am muhammad saleem khan from pakistan i am 33 years old ... divorced bcz she abortion my two kids ... i am looking a good person for marry ..... and tel death i want just with one and only.... kindly help me .... thanks and wish you very best luck


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