Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is He Making the Right Decision?

Good evening ma, thanks for always being there for us.
Ma please I need your advice on this issue again. It
happened that almost past two weeks now my
boyfriend came to my house and started telling me how
he went for a minister's retreat, and what the pastor said
about our relationship. 

He said the pastor said he should end the relationship, that the relationship is meant to destroy his life and so many other things he said to me, but ma what I sense in his discussion is that he confessed to the pastor that we have had sex in the
relationship, of which I also regret it. 
Ma I really need your advice on this issue, is the guy taking a necessary action. Thank you...

I have no idea what your mutual decision to have sex with each other have to do with the pastor and the devil trying to destroy his life. 
Fact is that having premarital sex is not the best way to strengthen your relationship, but it doesn't mean that both of you cannot work on the foundation of your relationship and do the right thing. 
Tagging the devil and then terminating the relationship only reveals the maturity of your partner. Perhaps you need to give him some space so that he can decide whether to follow his pastor or to work on strengthening the relationship.

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