Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Heart Aches!

Good afternoon Ma
Have been a follower of your page and I love your counsels, and it has been helpful to many.
Please I need your advice on my relationship.
I met this guy middle of this year and he told me he lives in another state, and that he was a single dad of an angel
(according to him, the mother of the baby abandoned the girl when she was seven months old). I felt sorry for him and even blamed the mother for being irresponsible.
Few months into our relationship the baby mama called to warn me to stay away from her man, and I wondered why since she left in the first place. After realizing that I had no idea what was going on, she told me everything.....
Turned out she has two kids for him, a girl and a boy.... She told me how the man abuses her and hit her, and he has been cheating on her every now and then.... She agreed that they weren't married but he promised to marry her, and then she told me that she planned to deal with him and I should help her do that, that I should "eat his money" till he is broke......
At that I wasn't thinking of anything she said, I was just angry that he lied to me and I confronted him with what I had just learnt, he told me he didn't want to scare me off with the truth, that he doesn't love the girl anymore, and that she doesn't love him either, that they are both waiting for the kids to grow up before they go their separate ways. He begged and begged, and I forgave him and I believed him again.
I tried calling the baby mama but she had blocked me, so I thought maybe they really had the agreement and I lost my phone the next day thereby losing her contact too.
The relationship was fine and serious.
But just recently, the baby mama called me and said she has been trying to reach me but my number was deleted from her contacts, and that she saw my number in truecaller blocked list and decided to try and see of it was me, apparently the guy blocked me from calling her via trucaller and then deleted my number from her contacts so we can't reach each other, and I asked to meet her in a public places, we met and it turned out she was pregnant again with baby number three for the same man, and she told me of how he treated her and all and how she wanted to pay him back and I have to help her...
I broke the relationship but he has been calling and begging and promising to fix everything, that he wants only me and he is not even sure the baby is his. He has been professing his undying love for me and how no lady can be like me or replace me on his life....
I really love this guy and I want to let him go cause I feel in the long run, I will end up hurt and even if I was to continue dating him, the trust won't be there.....This guy has been lying from the onset of our relationship.
I don't know what to do, please ma help me.....My heart is aching but I know I deserve better than this....I deserve someone who is loyal and true to his word.
Thank you so much and sorry for the stories, couldn't summarize it
He swore to me that he has never physically abused her, that he did slap her once but only because he lost his temper when she condemned his late mother.

If you are dreaming, wake up because it's past noon. Whatever love he professes for you with two children and one on the way is as good as dead. 
Though they may not be married, you're only but a lady that he explores to his own satisfaction while she's the one that he hopes to harvest all his children from. 
Painful that you call this deception and manipulation love, but I feel that it's time for you to give yourself some value and move on with your life. 
What those two individuals share is beyond your calculation and estimation so don't border listening to him, he's love is the kind that you shouldn't pray for.

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  1. It only goes to show that the girl you love is only fooling you. If she does not love his husband she should get pregnant with baby no.3 in the first place. Your story is really sad, just like the ones I read via Ultius testimonials which are really frustrating.


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