Thursday, December 29, 2016

Will My Circumstances of Life Limit Me From Getting Married?

Good day ma, please there is something disturbing me. Am 34 years of age, any man that comes across to me always ask for sex, I don't like it that way. My past experience thought me lesson so I decided to stay alone.

My past experience goes this way, I had a friend that want to marry me, the mistake I made was that I slept with him, in the process I got pregnant. So I told him, he said I should go and remove it which I did. Now my conscience is blaming me now because of what I did to take off that baby, so I decided to stay alone.
Since that time I have no friend, no one to associate with, even my phone does not ring anymore, may be to say this there is nobody, so I decided to wait upon the Lord to send to me my precious husband, that I will make love with.
And again ma, am an adopted child in my family, will it make me not to get married? As am writing this no mother no father, but I have siblings, boys, am the only girl. Ma am age conscious which I don't know what to do.
And I want to use this opportunity to thank God for his faithfulness upon my life, to even make me to be in the university and am in 300level now, and it also gives me joy. I thank God for that.

There is no circumstances of life that can limit anyone from living to the fullness of God's purpose for one's life. Being an adopted child, coming from a poor background, or experiencing the not so glamorous aspect of life, is not in itself a limitation but a preparation ground for greater glory. 
I understand how challenging it can be looking at your age and all that you have experienced in the past, but I will encourage you to look up to God, be focused on achieving the very best in your academics, discover your personality, purpose and vision in life, so that you can add value to life and to those around you. 
All that God has promised you must surely come to fulfilment and you will have no reason to regret or be disappointed at last. 
Don't live your life looking at your birthday but live to the fullness of your passion and purpose in life and allow God to fix those areas of your that you can't fix yourself.

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