Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I'm Pregnant For My Brother-in-law!

Good morning ma, God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing. Please I need your help, my life is in a mess right now. I just found out that I am pregnant, and my husband is not responsible for it.
Have not had sex with my husband and we have not been together for close to two years now I mean had sex.
We have a one year old baby but was conceived through Invitro fertilization. But after that, I noticed they didn't use my husband's sperm because it was frozen in the hospital. Before this IVF, we tried artificial insemination but didn't work, the sperm was not good enough.
Now my baby, anywhere I go people keep asking if my husband is a white because he looks like a white truly. I told my in-laws that I wants to go for DNA test but they refused saying I should try another IVF if it is the same, I will go then. The problem now is that I got pregnant for one of the family member though I didn't tell him.
My question now is do I keep it or abort it, as my friend suggested I should abort it since am about starting school, or do I run away to an unknown destination and have the baby? But ma am worried, after going through the stress of IVF I feel this one came naturally because if I abort it, I will still go through IVF cos my husband requires a special attention. The truth is I don't know if it is a spiritual or mental problems.

Your marriage is one with so many complex issues, but choosing to have an extramarital affair with a member of his own family is your own undoing and your own issues to manage. 
I have no idea what you meant by your husband needing a special attention but I from your mail I feel that you are the one who needs special attention because not only have you exposed yourself by your extramarital affairs, you have also exposed your husband's shortcomings by your singular act of carelessness. 
As much as I understand the need to protect your marriage, you also need to protect that child because the child is innocent of your decision to have sex with another man. 
Aborting your child will only make things more complex for you emotionally, psychologically and mentally. 
The bitter pill will be to confess to your husband and have your baby. I am already aware of the likely outcome of this choice, but looking ahead of you, it is better to keep your child and work on reconciling with your husband than for you to abort your child, perhaps lose your life, probably destroy your womb or your chances of having another child, and at the same time living with the guilt of your action. 
It's a difficult decision, very unpalatable experience but you have to choose between saving the life of your baby by confessing your shortcomings to your husband, and terminating your baby and exposing your marriage to more complex challenges.
In all you need to seek the face of God in all humility and sincerity of heart and confess your sins to him and seek for forgiveness, He's the only one who can heal and forgive you of your limitations as a human.


  1. A complex issue though but not without solution.There is no bastard child but parents.However,ready to face the music but ensure you come humbly before God.God's mercy is forever.You shall surely be comforted in the end.Lastly,the point of your husband not touching you for Two years calls for great concern also.Thanks.

  2. Be a responsible adult and face the consequences of your actions even if it will affect your marriage and future plan. It's a sin that you commit adultery and now you want to commit another sin by aborting that baby. I am very disappointed on how you run your life, just like the other irresponsible people via PapersLead rating who only thinks of themselves most of the time.


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