Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Negative Effects of Religion

So many times, I see people run from pillar to post looking for spiritual solution to their problems, most of which are physical. I agree, to an extent, that the spiritual controls the physical. But we sometimes bring problems upon ourselves only to start bothering God unnecessarily. You eat all the junks and rubbish while ignoring good foods and when problem sets in, you begin to disturb God. You know that certain foods are to be avoided because diabetes runs in your family, but you go on eating without control and when arthritis and diabetes set in, you start running from one prayer contractor to another and swallow the nonsense they tell you about someone dropping something in your compound.

You are in the hospital about to lose your life because your pelvis is small for the baby or the baby is too big and not well positioned. Then your doctor suggests you undergo a Caesarean Section only for you to start binding and casting and calling one illiterate and ignorant person who tells you that is not your portion. A family friend died because his pastor kicked against blood transfusion when doctors saw that at the only way out.
What is wrong in your giving birth through CS?
However God choses to deliver you is supernatural, what matters is that you and your baby are alive and well. God wasn't stupid when He gave science the brain to come up with that intervention.

You do things to make your marriage hit the rocks and then you start running to those who are ever ready with prophecies of you having spiritual husband and wife or someone carrying calabash against you, possibly your step-mother and mother-in-law.

You have suddenly become the man's punching bag and instead of you running to spare your life, some miserable comforters are there asking you to stay and keep praying. God has given you those legs, run and keep praying.

You were busy dressing like his mother, you didn't know that he would get attracted to his secretary? You use demeaning words on her, hit her as often as you like, and talk to her like she's your slave.  You listened to your ignorant pastor who told you that wearing those sexy lingerie for your husband initiates you into the marine kingdom.
He loves the woman-on-top position but you chose to listen to false teachers who told you that anything outside the missionary sex position is wrong?

She complained about not getting good sex from you and
instead of you finding a way to make it beautiful, you accused her of being a prostitute; you told her that she cannot enjoy you because of the different men she has been with. What you don't know is that women are no longer ignorant of their sexuality and sexual needs; just like you, they want to experience good orgasm.

They tell you to face the spiritual more than the physical and so you foolishly ignore your wife all in the name of vigil and fasting? You go to sit with your "daadyyy" and "muumyyy" from morning to night ignoring your spouse? Get ready for the problems that will come up as a result of your actions.

I remember when that thing they called marriage ended and the prayer contractors started flooding my office with prophecies and demonic revelations of someone carrying calabash and having it under bed against me. Thank God for my parents; they raised me with the undiluted word of God in my hands. I told them not to bother praying for me because I asked God for it. One after the other, they left disappointed. If I had listened to all their nonsense, I would probably not be where I am today, inspiring lives and fulfilling purpose because I would be busy chasing people that are not chasing me...LOL . I would be busy binding my neighbours and relatives over nothing. I would be busy binding every innocent rat that jumps into my room. I would be drying up while the devil and his agents flourish. I wouldn't bother about God, worship, and His kingdom because I would be lost binding and casting all the days of my life.

Discover God yourself and stop listening to people who feed and thrive on your ignorance. You are not married and so once they come to you, the first thing they tell you is that you have a spiritual spouse. Once they tell you that you have a spirit husband or wife and you swallow that rubbish, you are finished because imaginary spirit husband or wife will begin to appear to you. And who told them you must be married at a certain age? Sure Pastor Kumuyi's wife who married at 65 was told all sorts by some prayer contractors.

They are ever ready with fake prophecies and vision for you. They would rather find a way to take the little you have away from you instead of helping you to get up.

A lady once told me how her pastor told her to buy everything a woman wears for his wife if she needed deliverance. When this woman came, she wasn't even talking about her own problem but the problem of raising money to buy things for her pastor's wife. Thank God she came in contact with someone like me who won't bait an eyelid in telling the truth. I gave her twenty thousand Naira to go feed her helpless children and never go back to the crook. I know some will be quick to remind me that the widow of Zarephat fed the prophet with her last; I know that already.

Con men and women are thriving in your ignorance. I wish you can see how these guys operate and devise ways to rip you off. I wish you can see them discuss how to share proceeds from their fraud after the acrobatics from the guest speaker. I wish you would see how they strike a deal for the guest preacher to raise five million Naira (in God's name) after which he takes a certain percentage. He must deliver in God's name. I wish you get to realize that some of them, after preaching in your church, never returned because they had issues with your senior pastor over sharing formular or they didn't raise enough to settle their bills.

Don't get me wrong; I have done stupid and unusual things for the kingdom of God. But the way I see it go in Africa, we have lost our brains to religion. Just like the missionaries, the preachers have come to us with the Bible and the Plough. Prayer contractors are thriving and living big, thanks to our stupidity and gullibility.

Young woman stop that seed sowing for husband. God will give you husband when and if He wants to. Everyone must not even be married. Just live and enjoy your beautiful life.
Woman, who told you that you are incomplete without a male child? I hear some speak against IVF and artificial insemination; it would surprise you to note that a good number of those testimonies you hear of God blessing after years of waiting came to be as a result of IVF. But they will not tell you during testimony because some of you will begin to see them as faithless and on their way to hell.

Time is a great healer and it has it's way of taking care of issues. Whatever comes your way, just commit it to God and watch Him direct your path. You need no middle man, except Jesus, to obtain mercy and grace from His throne in your time of need. All things work together for good to anyone that loves God and is called according to his purpose. Learn to wait on God. Allow Him to be God.
Stop helping them to thrive on your ignorance. A good number of today's preachers are not different from our politicians. But a day of reckoning is coming, they won't be spared.

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