Friday, December 23, 2016

She Treats Me Like A Kid.

Aunty Amara, please I have been an ardent reader here and see how you trash people's problem. Please sister my won't be different. 
Am in a relationship where the girl feels that she is doing me a favour dating me, every guy admires her cos she is so pretty,
toasters everywhere as she use to tell me, so she treats me less cos maybe for her mind she have many options if I eventually leave. 
Sister Amara I love this girl so much, and I happened to have a problem which she opted to help me with some cash, but her behaviour towards me is like am a kid to her. Am planning on quitting not because I don't love her again, but because am not valued and she is not scared of losing me. 
But when I remember her promise of helping me on 31st of this month, I will just succumb to her wish. This is really eating me up sister, please advice your younger brother because am really sobbing. Thanks big sister.

Younger brother, you spoke with your feelings and I was unable to understand exactly what you're dealing with. 
I feel that you don't value yourself so much which is why you have reduced yourself to her in such a manner that when she coughs, you will be the victim, when she does anything else, you will lose your esteem. 
You need to be a man, and give yourself some value and virtues. If she's too beautiful that she have options, kindly give her the freedom to choose who to stick with. 
If you feel that she doesn't respect and appreciate your personality in her life, don't force yourself on her or reduce yourself to an object of pity in her life. 
We all know that beauty is temporary no matter how glamorous or trending she might be. Instead of being intimidated by her physical beauty, choose to cultivate an inner beauty and pray for a mature and a stable lady who will appreciate you as a man and not reduce you to an object of ridicule. 
Look into the mirror and love the man in the mirror more, allow her to be the lady she is, if she's yours, she will find her way back, but if she's not yours, there's nothing that will keep her in your life.
Don't reduce yourself because you want to receive favour from her or continue with a relationship that makes you feel inferior.
Maybe you should give her some space and minimise your rate of communication to allow time to reveal the strength of her love for you.

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