Sunday, January 22, 2017

Are Most Medical Doctors Womanisers?

Hello, good morning aunty Amara. God bless you. I am really worried about something. Okay, I met a guy almost three months ago and we have been dating since then. We have met three times.
The issue is that since we started dating, he has never told me that he loves me.

Secondly, to me, he is not spiritual, we never talk about God, he is a medical doctor so he sometimes goes to work on Sundays.
Thirdly, I'm scared because my friends always tell me that most medical doctors are womanizers( I don't know how true that is), but I cannot truly stand for him in this case because he enjoys sex talk and chats.
But aside these complaints, I am totally satisfied with him as he has most of the qualities I want in a man. He is caring, loving, very enlightened, and he hardly ever gets annoyed. I am 24 years, a graduate.
Please I will be glad if you throw me one or two piece of advice.

I feel that three months of knowing him is too early to tell who he is and his personality. 
Please try as much as you can not to listen to your friends' opinion of your partner because it has a potential to ruin your relationship and poison your heart against your partner. 
Rather take your time, build mutual friendship with him, understand his personality and learn what his weaknesses and strengths are. 
Anybody can be a womaniser irrespective of their profession and their training.
Every man has a great tendency to enjoy sex talks, and it doesn't necessarily mean that such a man is a womaniser. 
I will suggest that you take your time, and I believe that everything about him will be revealed to you to enable you decide whether he's the man you wish to build your future with.

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