Saturday, January 28, 2017

How Do I Discover My Purpose in Life?

Dear Aunty Amara. Good afternoon. Please I really need your advise. I am lawyer and I am 26 years old who just moved to Lagos after my NYSC in April. I got a job in a small law firm, I am paid just N25,000 a month. I try my best to do my work diligently but it seems it is never enough.
I move around in the whole of Lagos attending to law works and still my boss seems to be unsatisfied. He raises his voice at any slight mistake.
This morning he asked me if I am sure I will make a good wife since I still leave some things undone. He feast on my minor shortcoming. I feel used, frustrated, and unappreciated. Each day I wake up to go to work, it's like a nightmare. I hold on to the job because I want to be responsible for my life and learn the practice of law but it seems the environment is choking me.
Some weeks back he asked me to write a letter, I did that but he said I did not add 's' to one of my words in the letter that he will deduct N1000 from my pay. The pay is not even enough to support my sister who I stay with yet a deduction. I don't know what to do, should I quit or is this normal ?
Ma, I also need you help concerning an aspect of my life I do not understand. I read you article on how to you found your purpose in your pain. I seem not to know my purpose in life, how do I discover it?  Lately I have this insight to cater for disabled girls who can't afford basic needs. At the end of the month, I will try to buy basics and give to the few I have their numbers. Each time I think about it, I feel it will make a difference, could that be my purpose? I don't understand. I feel unfulfilled within .
God will bless you in advance for you answer. I pray you expand in all spheres of life. Thank you ma please ma.

For you to become a rare breed in any profession, you will need to undergo some rigorous trainings and unpalatable experiences in your profession. Some of the celebrated lawyers today were not paid during their own training, some went through rough paths, went to court with no car or incentives, while some had to sacrifice their little to become better lawyers. 
I won't tell you that it will be easy or rosy for you, in fact no route to greatness is evergreen, so if you're expecting to sail without difficulties, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. 
If you wish to excel in your profession, please endure the temporary pain and focus more on gaining the required experience than on your stipends. No time invested in acquiring professional skills is ever a waste, nor should you focus more on your salary much more than you should on your career growth. 
Every individual or entity on earth is created for a purpose, we all have a hunger for something, the real question is whether we're sensitive enough to discern the very purpose for which we're here on earth. 
The way one individual discovers his or her purpose is different from the way another individual will discover theirs. The circumstances, challenges, tribulations, or trials that will give birth to your purpose maybe different from others but the end point is that it gives you a hunger to bring something better to the table, to offer solutions, to bring help to someone, to solve their problems, and to give them hope or relief. 
Your purpose must be something you can sacrifice your life for, something you can give your all to, something you can comfortably do without expecting any payment, and something that is helpful and beneficial to others. 
Your purpose must be built and focused on helping humanity and not helping your bank account. It's only when you have achieved the primary purpose of helping humanity that you will automatically lunch into making wealth. The reason is because humanity appreciates anything done to help others and will invest anything to help you achieve your vision in life.
In the end, your purpose must be something that gives glory to God and gives you peace of mind and fulfilment in life, with or without payment.

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