Saturday, January 7, 2017

Is He Really The One?

Good day Aunty Amara, Happy New year to you and your family. God bless you for your selfless service to mankind.... Am 26 years old and I have four suitors seriously asking for my hand in marriage.
I've prayed and fasted and will not cease to but my problem is that the particular guy God has been affirming me of has been one odd out of the four (though I understand nobody's perfect), and out of the four I've not met with him but he's coming back this January for marriage rites.. On the 26th of December I was talking with him on Imo call when my phone rang. I excused myself to answer the call...
NB: The caller was my maternal cousins asking for direction to our place.
After answering the call, I logged back to Imo only to see series of his messages asking me how long will it take me to attend to the caller, that I ignored him.... Hmmmmm Aunty Amara since 26th I've been begging for his forgiveness and he has not spoken a word to me. I've pleaded through voice messages, chats, tried video call, even musics begging him to forgive, all abortive...
I've been forced to ask God is this really his thoughts for me...Bikonu (please) Amara what do I do at this point?? How do I handle this????
I forgot to tell you that one also out of the suitors practically worships the ground I walk, he loves me so much that I know, he's trying to build his world around me... But whenever I brought him up in prayer God will warn me that he's not his sent, that if I marry him I'll not enjoy the fruit of my labour....
Am really heart broken please I need your advice mummy

If you are convinced that you heard the voice of God and not the voice of your emotions and your fantasies, then I don't wish to meddle with your communion and convictions about your relationship. 
Though it's possible for God to give you a partner who you have not met in life, but marriage is not a fairy tale that you organise on the phone without doing your due diligence. 
I have so much to say but I don't want to sound like I'm doubting your convictions or questioning your personal relationship with God. 
One thing I'm sure of is that if God leads you to a partner, he will give you all you need to be his companion. 
But can a man sent by God have an unforgiving spirit, keep malice, and torture you emotionally? You're in a better position to find out for yourself. 

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