Saturday, January 7, 2017

How Do I Help Him Ejaculate Faster?

Good day ma, Happy New Year! Thanks for the previous counsel/Advice. Sweetly and Sincerely, I enjoy SEX now like honey..... I must confess on behalf of I and my husband SEX is too sweet, I stylishly demand for SEX now because I enjoy it more after adhering strictly to your advice.

Have come to ask, how do I make my husband ejaculate at my control, sometimes I wish we climax together but he's still pounding me then while I'm at peak. He ejaculates sometimes thirty minutes or more after but I wish I can shorten it when I feel like.
How do I go about it ma? Love you loads ma.... Kisses and hugs for you.... God bless and enlarge your ministry.

Hmmmmmmm, now you guys are making me feel shy. I'm glad to know that you enjoy sex with your husband, I will encourage you stop demanding for sex stylishly and start demanding for sex in a sensual and exotic manner. 
Make it an exciting meal, dance naked before him, caress him, and breastfeed him as though you are feeding your baby, after all he's your first baby (just saying). 
Before penetrative sex, massage his penis, play with the hood, the round space around the penis, and the testicles, it will increase the blood flow to the penis. Longer foreplay will make him ejaculate faster.
Now there are some positions that makes men ejaculate pretty faster, positions like the missionary style, spoons, and the doggy style. 
Rule of thumb, if he is thrusting downward, he will ejaculate faster than when he's thrusting upwards. 
Now to prop the ejaculation pretty much faster, try to massage his buttocks while he thrusts, and play with his testicles, his intensity of thrusting will increase, and his breathing pattern will change which will trigger faster ejaculation. 
Remember, playing with his testicles and the base of his penis will definitely increase his sexual excitement thereby reducing thrusting time and giving you those lovely cream that you can't buy in the market. 
Another thing you can do to help him ejaculate faster is to sing praise and worship during sexual intercourse. No I don't mean those songs, I meant to cheer him up and celebrate him as he thrusts inside of you. 
Now, when you're in cloud nine (don't ask me for address), express yourself, tell him something like, baby your rod is sweeter than sugar cane and banana, ooh honey you're too sweet, mehn you're too hot my highness, (whatever that means). Always remember, don't fake it, be real, be yourself, express yourself and be part of every ride in your paradise. 
This will trigger his hormones and things will get done pretty much faster than thirty minutes. 
I hope that both of you will enjoy sex with all gladness, and celebrate your marriage the way you choose. 

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