Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Fiancée's Sister is Pregnant For Me.

Good day Amara, please, I am in a relationship with a girl I wish to marry. Both parents are aware of our relationship and we have made our intentions knows to them. I live in Lagos, while my fiancee lives and works in Owerri.

Sometime last year, my fiancée told me that her twin sister got a job in Lagos, and pleaded with me to house her for the mean time until she settles down and get her own apartment. Somewhere along the line, we started from being friends to lovers. She is now two months pregnant. Am just devastated, I don't know how to break this news to her sister (my fiancée) and our parents too. I just don't know how to handle this situation.
Amara please, advice. Thanks
Amara, since yesterday she is suggesting abortion and I am against that, talk to us....please.

As adults, both of you knew what you were playing with the moment you started having sexual intimacy with her. She betrayed her own sister, and you betrayed your own fiancée, but that's not the most important thing here because you have your baby on the way. 
It's terrible but your baby shouldn't pay for what both of you agreed to enjoy together. According to you, your relationship generated from friendship to lovers which means that you found love in her eyes. Whether you love her much more than you love your fiancée or wish to marry her instead of your fiancée is solely known to you. 
At this point, you need to ask yourself what you really want in life and in a woman, when you're sure of what you want, then go ahead and let your fiancée know the truth. If you feel that you are more comfortable with your lover, then let everyone know that you are comfortable with her and then settle with her, but if you feel that you are not comfortable with her, both of you should keep the pregnancy and inform your families of the recent developments.
Aborting your baby won't remove the betrayal both of you have dealt on your fiancée (whatever that means to you). Abortion is not in the interest of anyone because she could lose her life, or damage her womb for life in addition to losing your baby. 
Both of you accepted this outcome the very moment you allowed your emotions to becloud your sense of reason and purpose for your relationship, and the respect for your families.
It's a whole lot better to accept your mistakes and face the consequences of it than for you to cover your mess by soiling your hands with blood.

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