Sunday, January 8, 2017

How Do I Make Her Squirt?

Ma, God bless you.
Ma I have been having a problem with my fiancée about sex, she said
I should make her release and I don't do that, that's my reason for running to you.
Please ma, I need your help.

Squirting for ladies is a sexual characteristics that is highly debatable because it's not common to all ladies, so sometimes people rather choose to ignore it than to aim for what's 'unattainable' to them.
Do ladies squirt? Yes! Is it common to all ladies? Nope!
Perhaps the reason why your fiancée desires to experience squirting with you is because she squirts, which means that she's a well lubricated lady.
The first thing any man that desires to help a lady enjoy sex must do is to help her relax her body. Every lady feels that there's something about her body that's not good enough for a man, for some it's the shape of her vagina, for some it's the kind of nipple she has, for some it's her tummy, her face, her nose, her hips, you name it.
As a man, your first priority is to help her accept her body and help her relax with you. Once she's relaxed and happy with you, then take your time to heighten the tension in your sex room. Don't rush anything, it's a sign that she's not good enough for you, nobody rushes a good meal, same with a hot lady.
Take your time, pay attention to her erotic zones, connect with her love language, and communicate with her as you caress her body. Her being relaxed is the first key to helping her squirt, you don't need to take this for granted. Give her a head, play with her clitoris and the nipples, and connect with her passion.
Now during penetrative sexual intercourse, you need to thrust in such an angle that you will stimulate the clitoris, the g-spot, and the vaginal wall muscles at the same time. This is the simple secret to helping a lady enjoy sex and most likely squirt.
The g-spot is like the internal extension of the clitoris, you can locate it by inserting your two fingers inside the vagina and making the signal of 'come here' with your finger tips (***before inserting your fingers, kindly make sure they're clean and well trimmed).
There are some positions that gives the g-spot massive stimulation, positions like the doggy style, reverse cow girl, and reverse missionary position. Most women enjoy doggy style more often (perhaps this could be the reason).
Once the g-spot and the clitoris is highly stimulated, any lady who squirts will definitely squirt to her satisfaction. To know that she's getting closer to squirting, her vaginal wall muscles will be engorged with blood, thereby grabbing the penis, the more you thrusts, the more she may likely squirt at that moment.
Communicate with her and find out the things that can make her squirt, learn to compliment her during sexual intercourse , and maybe things will be sexier than they used to be .
Caveat : It's only when she enjoys sex with no expectations that she will experience squirting, same with orgasm. Any lady who makes love with high expectations will be putting so much pressure on her partner thereby increasing their chances of messing up a beautiful sexual session.
So encourage her to relax her mind, look forward to a good sex, and maybe, just maybe, things might take a better turn for both of you.

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