Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Marriage of Two Years is About to Crash!

Please I need prayers and advice as my marriage of two years is about to crash. My husband sees me and our union as the reason he is having losses and setback since our wedding. 

I noticed that anytime he involves me in any of his business plan or anything, there must be a bad story afterward. Once he tells me something or I ask him to do something, it will always come out unsuccessful which might cause him to lose something. But when he does something on his own without telling me, it works well for him. 
This has made him to see me as a bad luck to him. Please I need advice on what to do, what could be the possible cause of this. Spiritually or physically. This has been going on for two years after our wedding.

I want you to surrender everything to God and pray fervently for your marriage and your husband in particular. You are not a bad luck to your husband, this is the devil trying to destroy your marriage by painting you as the bad luck to your husband. 
The Bible says that he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from God. You are a good news, good luck, good fortune, good progress, and good wife to him, and by the virtue of your presence in his life, you have brought God's favour to him and have opened doors of unlimited prosperity and growth in his life. 
Pray for him, don't make any decision for him or tell him what to do, simply support whatever decisions he feels like taking, cheer him and celebrate him irrespective of the outcome. 
Don't blame him for his attitude or perception but take everything to God in prayers, he's able to calm the stormy sea.

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