Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Is He Real?

Hello ma. Happy new year to you and your family. Please I need your advise. I wrote to you last year about having a widower who loved and wanted to marry me but the age difference was just too much. I had to tell him so he dropped it.

Now am about finishing my youth service. Am serving in Plateau state. When I was posted here, after camp I wasn't happy where they posted me to but I just told God to do His will. I cried for days oooo. Then I was put in the local government secretariat, only for us to resume and we were told that they don't want Corp member there again. Again I cried but I had to look for another place of primary assignment (PPA) in less than a week. I had to go to a village to teach.
I met this guy, a Corp member too and he indicated interest in dating me. At first I told him am not interested. The guy kept pushing for months and I had to give him a chance cos I tried to study him during those months. I liked him a lot but I didn't let it show. He has a vision, he's wonderful to be with, first to always I mean always apologise when there is a misunderstanding. And he wants to take the step of seeing my people after we pass out.
Now my problem is he's a corp member, am a Corp member, although he's doing a little business while we are serving. Sometimes I have this fear that he's not real. That I will be broken again. He's not perfect but he's good. Have always asked God to give me someone that makes me smile, this guy doesn't ever want to see me sad or frown. Don't know why I fear. And the way we met he says it's God. That when he saw me, he knew in his heart that this was for good. I had a relationship that lasted for eight years because I was waiting for things to fall in place but the guy just walked out on me immediately after my final year in 2015.
Since then I don't trust guys who don't have much.

I think your problem is that you are comparing your partner with your ex, and you are allowing your experience with your ex to influence your relationship with your partner. 
I wish to remind you that you are dealing with the same container but with different content, they are both men but not with the same vision, personality, attitude, and attributes. 
Don't be in a hurry to summarise him when you can't predict his future. Don't trust guys, trust God to give you your own husband. Be open to learn, to love, to grow, and to adapt to challenges of life and relationship. 
If God is in your relationship, you can be rest assured that you will get the best from him, so surrender everything to him and allow him to direct your path. 
If he's prepared and responsible enough to take the big step of faith, don't discourage him except if you are not comfortable with his personality and vision in life. 

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