Monday, January 23, 2017

Broken Arrows

T.D. Jakes Writes

I write to every empty-eyed child/adult with tears and trembling lips who has ever sat in my office struggling to mention the unmentionable. I write to that man who once came to me with a story he couldn't tell his own wife-he was into homosexuality and masturbation (God delivered him after series of counseling). I write to those women who call me in the middle of the night or early in the morning when their husband is out just because they are too afraid to talk to them about their fears and frustration. I write to that parent whose child has deviated from what he or she was taught. Most importantly, I write to every lady out there who hides behind silk dresses, designer handbags and shoes a terrible shame that makeup can't cover and showers will not wash away. I write to that single mother/father who plays the role of both parents. I write to that single woman who has been severally used and dumped by men. I write to every broken arrow out there.

These splintered, broken arrows come in all colours and forms. Often camouflaged behind the walls of otherwise successful lives, people wrestle with secret pain. You may be one of them. You may not even bear any sign of outward trauma, but your tragedy may have been severe enough to have destroyed your life if God had not held you together.

Or you may have escaped such horrifying experiences. Let the strong bear the infirmities of the weak. God can greatly use to restore whole-ness to others who walk in varying degrees of brokenness.

Every time you see some insecure, vulnerable, intimidated
adult with unnatural fear in her/his eyes, low self-esteem, or an apologetic posture, you may be seeing a broken arrow. Every time you see that woman acting like a man rather than marry one; every time you see that preacher who has been married three times and still planning a fourth one; every time you see a handsome young man who could have been someone's father, walking like someone's mother, you may be seeing a broken arrow. If you think it's ugly, you are right. If you think it's wrong, you're right again. If you think t can't be fixed, you're dead wrong! If you look closely into these eyes, you will sense something that is weak, hurt, maimed, or disturbed-but fixable.

Amara Writes

Quit that habit of sitting behind your computer to destroy the little that is left of people. Stop acting like you are Jesus who shed His own blood for them. Stop the verbal battering of single ladies; help change their characters and build up their lives. Stop insulting the divorced because you don't know what they have been through. Stop laughing at that "very fat" woman because she could be a broken arrow.  Stop telling her she is ugly because God could have sent her your way for strength to carry on. Friends, our Lord Jesus has not called us to the ministry of destruction; He shed His blood out of love and love is what He has called us to. You are a good man or woman, not by too much quoting of scriptures, but by what you have sown into lives. What does your neighbour feel about you? That prostitute down your street who is condemned by everyone, what does she say about you?

Are you one of those condemning that young widow whose husband left with six children and there is nothing to feed them? How many times have you sent food to her children? How many times have you given her a hug to assure her that all will be well someday? You just condemn her for jumping from one man to the other; what have you done to help her situation? In helping her situation, are you one of those evil men who take her body in exchange for money?

I remember December 2014 when I spent time with the widows of Dorcas Generation Initiative. After the event, some older widows came to me to report a fellow widow, a very young girl whose husband died while she was pregnant leaving her with four children. I listened as they told me how much they wanted me to send her away from the organization because she moves from one bed to another. I remembered what Jesus Christ did to them when they brought the adulterous woman to be stoned. When they finished, I looked at them and asked, "how many of you here have visited that girl? How many of you have gone to help her look after her kids while she hustle for money to feed them? How many of you have given her a cup of rice for her children?" As expected, none could speak. I then told them to let the young girl be and I reminded them that they may not know her tears to God at night. I reminded them that even if she sleeps with different men, she doesn't enjoy it but just that she doesn't know how to feed her children. Thank God they all had a change of mind as they dispersed. Well, that young widow is remarried today.  Do you show love?

You may be among those criticizing her for having three children outside wedlock; that could be because you are a bad girl who has aborted five times while she is a good girl who chose not to shed innocent blood thereby adding to her sins.

The power to heal is in the power to care. Do you want to see our world healed? Do you want to see that young man or woman changed! Do you want to see hearts bubbling again with life? We must show compassion ; it is the mother of miracles. Just a smile to that dying woman; just a hug to that person could bring healing and strength.

Let us, instead of tearing down, build each other. A song says," I pray for you, you pray for me; I love you and I need you to survive. I won't harm you with words from my mouth, I love you and I need you to survive". It's okay when you don't want to have anything with some people, but please don't go about destroying a broken arrow.
If you yourself are a broken arrow, please allow someone into your life who can fix what's wrong. The healing you need could come from a new relationship with someone who is real. Your healing could come by opening up to that counselor who won't use your shared secrets against you tomorrow.

You can love again young woman! You can make it young man. Don't give up on God because He won't give up on you.  The walls you have built to protect yourself has also imprisoned you. The Lord cares and He has positioned someone around you for your healing. Don't let pride stop you. Rise and be healed.
Love is the only thing that can heal the world; let us all show love to the broken arrows around us.

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