Monday, January 23, 2017

How Do I Get Over this Obsession?

I am totally heartbroken. The guy I have been dating for sometime now (eleven months), we've been really friends and lovers, we've met our both parents and almost all our friends, cheated on me and got someone pregnant! 

And this didn't happen now, happened like five months ago and he didn't even tell me about it rather he pretended all those months as if nothing happened. Kai he broke the news on phone last week and said we needed to take a break, ever since then I haven't seen him or spoken to him. 
Friends, I was totally obsessed about this guy, at first I was wishing I was the one who got pregnant, though am still in school but then I didn't mind cos I was obsessed, I don't know how to get over this and the worst is he is even angry with me, couldn't even apologize at all. I was now the one calming him down and saying sorry as if I asked the girl to rape him, mtshew am just being crazy. 
Please help me get over this obsession I need suggestions. Thank you.

I may not have the right words to pacify you and assure you that this phase of your life will give birth to greater testimony, but I will encourage you to go through your pain with hope. 
Sometimes God allows us to go through unpleasant experiences of life to prepare our heart for his best. 
I wish I can reveal the future to you but the beauty of every heartbreak is that there is something great that God is preparing for you, and for you to receive the best of God in your future, you will definitely need to let go of your good today. 
Heartbreak is a painful surgery with a great reward from God. Don't rush the process, cry, wail, feel bad, talk to someone, but be sensitive to the leading of the Holy spirit and allow him to heal your heart. 
Listen to soothing music, read about something that you love, distract yourself intentionally, and quit communicating with him. 
You will be fine, just hold unto God and allow time to heal you of your pain and disappointment.

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