Monday, January 16, 2017

My Mum is a Thorn in my Marriage

Good day ma, how is family? Wish you a wonderful year ahead. Am writing you on behalf of my mum and family and hubby issue before I lose my mind. 
My mum had I and my elder brother for my dad, we were at tender age when they broke up. She remarried and had another boy, she broke up with the man again.
While we were growing up she kept going from one man to the other, maltreating I and my elder brother for her suitors. We would sleep outside while she spend the night in the room with men. She would curse our dad in presence of those men and call us names, my elder brother in annoyance left the house almost 11 years now with no return. 
To cut the long story short she maltreated me severely, I sleep anywhere night mets me till I met my now husband. I had my first baby out of wedlock but my hubby is very responsible, we made our marriage official last year. Ever since then my mum would talk to my hubby against me behind my back, rely on me for money and her upkeep, come to my house whenever she likes. 
Now it's her responsibility to care for her other son, now she is pushing him to me, he is rude, play bets, steals and he is lazy. All he does is eat and my hubby as warned me he isn't harbouring anybody, that's where I don't know how to put it through to them(mum and brother), I don't want to lose my home.

Please rise up to your responsibility and act as a woman that you are, take charge of your marriage and don't go about singing pity song about how your mum is now terrorising your marriage. 
Pretty sad that you had to grow up with such experience, but allowing your mum to run your life and your marriage is what you must resist if you wish to enjoy the dividends of your marriage. 
You need to stop being too careful and let your mother know your stand on everything, let her know that you cannot accommodate your brother. You can help or support him from a distance, he must not live with you for you to be a good sister to him. 
Since your husband has made his stand known to you, please adhere strictly to it and communicate the same to your mother.

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