Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Should I Do for my Dad to Accept my Partner?

Good afternoon Aunt Amara, I really love what you are doing, may God continue to strengthen you. Am 24 years old from Delta state. I have a boyfriend who is a Yoruba Muslim and yes I know it's wrong moving with one who has a different faith as you.
The thing is the people I met him through are all Christians so I didn't know he is a Moslem and he sometimes goes to church, but then I had falling already and liked him too much to leave and I was a young girl who just wanted a boyfriend.
Now I met another guy who is Igbo and a Christian(which I asked for at first meeting). I don't know if am overreacting being that he doesn't call for two days then calls the third day, and when I asked why, he said he is busy, that even when he is busy he must speak to me after two days from the last time we speak and when I call sometimes he won't pick or call back.
When I met him, he told me he wanted marriage since he is 30. The issue now is my dad told me he doesn't want me to bring any man to his house except a Delta man, and I shouldn't talk to him or ever call him if I am not changing my opinion of bringing a man of any state home. What if I don't find any guy from Delta I like because I have never liked any guy from Delta and don't like Delta guys personally right from childhood.
Please advice me, I don't know what to do because dad called me this afternoon.

Please don't worry about your dad's opinion about your choice of partner, this is not your dad's marriage, not your dad's journey, not your dad's husband, certainly not going to be your dad's home, so don't lose focus on what's more important to you and focus on your dad's opinion.
When you meet your husband, your father cannot help but bless both of you. Even if your dad is not comfortable with him, you can talk to an elder or someone that he respects to intervene on your behalf. 
For now I think what is most important is to ask God to bless you with your own husband irrespective of his state of origin. Pray that you don't make mistake or marry a man who doesn't share the same spiritual convictions with you.

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