Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Suitor Smokes.

Hello ma, compliments of the season, am a young lady of 24 years. The person that is seeking my hand in marriage
do smoke and he didn't want to let me know. 
Should I ask him or I should let him be? I need you people's advice.

Always remember that the attitude and attributes of your partner will have a great influence in your marriage and your family. 
If you are married to a man who smokes, his smoking habit may hinder you from getting pregnant, or affect his sexual performance in bed, or affect his attitude to you in your marriage. And for him to hide such a sensitive information from you is a sign that you need to look well to avoid getting married to a packaged man with an empty content. 
Since his habit will have a greater influence on you, I will suggest that you discuss your findings with him, and let him know your stand with respect to his smoking habit. 
If you know deep down that you cannot cope with his smoking habit, now is the best time to decide whether to continue with him or not, but if you are comfortable with it, then you may accept him and hope that he changes with time.

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