Tuesday, January 3, 2017

He's Unromantic In Bed!

Hello ma, your page has been a blessing to me and will still be... Please ma, I need you urgent advice as I'm no longer myself anymore because I have bear this burden in me for too long.
I'm have a child of one year and married for four years now, I'm 30 and my husband is 39....I dated my husband for five years, though it was a distance relationship (Lagos to Benin), and no sex before marriage.

When I got married, I noticed my husband isn't the romantic type... I force him to make love to me and can count how many times we've had sex in four years... I read a lot of books, and listened to audio tapes just to make him improve, but all amounted to nothing..
Right now I feel like giving up on him cos he'll never change. I've sat him down and talked about this, all he says is that I like sex too much which is not the truth because we only have sex like once or twice a month.
"He doesn't know how to appreciate a woman, how to do foreplay or even play on bed nor kiss.. if I ask for sex, he just undress dip in and get up, even when I try to play with him or even touch him, he will just say "baby please lets just do it". He doesn't cheat, that I'm so sure of and I know he loves me and our son so much.
Please am I asking for too much ma? Waiting for your reply. God bless you ma... Thanks a lot.

Not only ladies experience sexual frustrations and challenges in marriage, some men also experience sexual challenges which maybe as a result of their low performance in bed, penis size, perception of sex, sexual history, and health condition of the man. 
At 39 years of age, a healthy man will still be active and very very agile in bed, but your description suggests that there could be more issues than what you feel about his poor performance in bed. 
I don't know if he will be comfortable with talking to someone about it, perhaps that will help, if you feel that he can talk to me about it, I would love to have a word or two with him and find out if there is something behind his sexual performance. 
On your part, you may need to be more patient with him, you may need to listen more, find out if there's something about sex or his penis personality that he's worried about, or if there's something about sexual intercourse that he's yet to reveal to you. 
Being cold on the bed and unromantic to his very own wife is sending so much negative signal that suggests that he's either not attracted to you or he's perhaps struggling with something that you don't know. 
Take your time, figure out how to help him open up, and if possible encourage him to seek counselling, and I'm hopeful that things will get a lot better.

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