Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Should I Wait Until 2018?

Good day aunty Amara. Please I have something I want to share with you. In 2014 I met a guy at my working place, he is a graduate and also a barber, we became friends in that our working environment, and our friendship began to be more interesting that the guy asked me out on a date.
I accepted, we started loving each other, (our relationship started)we became fond of each other till 2016.
The issue now is that the guy is 28 and am 26, and my people have started talking about marriage to my ears, but I love my guy very much and he has asked me to wait for him till 2018, that by then he is going to save more money to come and see my people.
My question now is: If I should wait for him till that 2018, do you think he will change? Should I give other guys a chance? Though I don't have guy around only that my boyfriend, and he has been there for me through ups and down. Please I need your advice on this. Thank you ma'am, may God bless you.

Which is more important to you, pleasing your people who want you to get married or being happy with your partner?
As much as nobody can predict the future, please don't allow the opinions of others or the circumstances of life to push you into making a decision that you will regret in the future.
Though I can't tell whether your partner will change or not, but you're the only one who knows exactly who he is, how he is, and his vision for the relationship and for you.
If you are convinced that giving him some time to organise himself and prepare for marriage will make things easier and more convenient for both of you, I will suggest that you consider giving him some time but if you feel that you cannot make such sacrifices for him, then let him know and give other guys a chance.
In all, don't lose your companion because you want to be married on time or marry a partner that you don't love.

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  1. Women are funny , they have lots of choices so they play ini mi no mani mo with us. Uwa nka sef!


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