Thursday, January 19, 2017

She Lied About Her Virginity!

Good evening ma and happy new year....

I will state my problem in detail so you will understand me and advice me too.

I met my fiance in September 2015 and after three months I proposed to her and she accepted,,,

I asked her and she told me she was a virgin, we continued our friendship till this Christmas, one thing lead to another and after much pressure from me she opened up to me that she is no more a virgin and her ex disvirgined her...

This is a girl I spent on daily basis and I once told her to allow me touch her and she said no till after our wedding....

Now am confused and I know, is not only once the have done the act

I stopped all my marriage rite for now 

Please I need your advice and that of your fans 

Did you care to know whether they had the sex before you started dating her or after you met her? 
If they had sex after you met her, then you may need to reconsider her commitment and honesty to you. 
Even if she wasn't a virgin or she wasn't prepared for sex, she ought to come out plain and honest to you, instead of allowing you to find things out yourself and deceiving you as being a virgin. 
As much as there is more to marriage than the virginity of a lady, you need to decide whether you are comfortable with her personality and her attitude irrespective of her virginity. 
If you feel that you can't continue with her, then let her go but if you will let go of her past, maybe both of you can create your own happiness.

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