Monday, February 20, 2017

Did I Offend Him in Anyway?

I have a lot to say but I will just try and be brief about it. I met this guy last year and we've been dating since April last year, he works and was nice. Though he has some challenges with is left leg due to an accident he had few years back, one is shorter than the other but I still love him despite the challenges.

But I noticed something, firstly he doesn't want his colleagues to know about our affair, but I didn't ask him why. Secondly I noticed he doesn't have good clothes which I got some for him on his birthday and he was happy, and he uses the stuffs I got him till now.
Recently he changed all of a sudden, he doesn't call me, he doesn't want to see me, or want me in his house, I asked him, and he just gave some excuses which to me are irrelevant, that I conclude too much on anything he says, that when he talks I pick up his words and uses it against him. I apologised but he didn't change, even when he was financially down, I gave him some money.
When am in his house, I cook for him with my own money, I bought a Samsung tablet and he told me he likes it and I gave him. I just do everything that will make him happy, there's nothing I don't buy for him, and he was nice too and he makes me happy, until recently he changed. He doesn't pick my calls anymore.
My heart bleeds because I can't think of any offence I did to him. Honestly ma I can't lie to you, I have never cheated on him which he knows. I still have about N100000 of my money with him, I gave him to keep it for me because I am the extravagant type. He normally helps me save, I work in a company that I barely have time for other things than my work, church on Sundays, we are both busy.
Ma I don't have friends or anyone to talk to, he knows. Am so confused. Am I stupid for loving a man or being caring? Is there something he's not telling me? Should I beg him for what I know nothing about? Is he taking me for granted or am I cursed? Please what do I do? Just help me to think these problem, my heart bleeds. I am emotionally tortured for no reason. Please ma help me

Let me attempt answering your questions as much as I can.

Are you stupid for loving a man or being caring? 
You are not stupid, on the contrary you're a precious gift to any man who gives his heart to love you. You are not stupid or foolish for loving him irrespective of the things that could have naturally discouraged you from dating him. 

Is there something he's not telling you? 
Yes!!! He loves your attention, care, and support, but he's painfully not in love with you. What he's not telling you is that he's not really proud of you, or comfortable with committing himself to the relationship. What he's not telling you is that he's not willing to offer his heart to make your relationship what it ought to be. 

Should you beg him? 
My question is, what for? If you continue to beg to be loved, for how long will you continue begging to be loved and accepted by a man? It's not necessary, and there's no need for that. 

Is he taking you for granted? 

Are you Cursed? 
Not at all, in all sincerity you're blessed with a beautiful heart. You're blessed with a generous heart, you're blessed with a selfless heart, and what you need is a man who will appreciate you and treat you like the queen you are. 

In conclusion! 
I will suggest that you consider quitting the relationship and love yourself more. It's healthier to be single than to be in a relationship where you're pitied and treated like an option or an object that has no value. 
You deserve better than this, and I will encourage you not to settle for a man who doesn't cherish your personality.

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  1. Thanks for this advise but it seems you are not done ma as you haven't advised her regarding her money with the man


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