Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Am I Pushing Him Away?

Aunty good evening ma, and may God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing.. Aunty am just confused and don't know how to handle my own issues and wahala.
I have been out of relationship for the past four years, not that I don't desire to have my own man but just that scared of the the "Unknown".
I picked up the pieces of my life and moved on and I told myself that I'm not going to mess up with any Tom, Dick, and Harry anymore. It was my first relationship and I gave my all but I was betrayed.. Thanks to God who has kept me.
I met this new guy last year.. We happened to work in the same environment. He likes me but am just sure of what he wants. He checks on me when he is around if he doesn't go to the field. We chat on WhatsApp. I don't have his Facebook account to check his wall cos that would have given me the real picture of what I was looking out for.
I asked him if he is married.. He said I should come find out myself that his not going to tell me. Managed to go and see him today with plenty abeg ooo. Well I didn't see any pictures to say he is married or not. But you know some men and their way!!! Anything is possible with human beings.
But surprisingly.. He was all over me trying to see if I will allow him to have sex. I didn't agree but pushed him away. He went back to his system. I relaxed and he now came to tell me that life is all about risk blalala blabla and all.
I now told him my own, am I pushing him away?!!? Cos am not ready for sex oo.

He refused to disclose his marital status to you, he kept his social media account away from you, and he's preaching on how both of you should take the risk to have sex with you. 
I have this feeling that you're dealing with a married man or an emotionally unavailable man who is interested in your vagina much more than he is in your heart. 
Since you're not ready for sex, I suggest that you consider quitting the relationship to avoid regrets in the future. He has made his intentions known to you, it's left for you to decide whether you're cool with his intentions or whether to move on with your life.

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