Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How Do I Tackle my Fears?

Good morning ma. God bless you for all the good works you've been doing here for people.
But please this isn't about me anymore, it's about my family and I need your prayers and good counsel.
Ever since I was born, the only time I experienced peace in my family was at the infant stage. From that time till now, things really changed a great deal.
Dad fights a lot with mum and vice versa. There is never a day, season, moment, and time without them calling you wherever you are to give you reports of what they do to themselves.
As kids and children, we've tried all we can to make them understand the implication of what they are doing to us, and that the effect is always on us and not them but both of them seem to be very right.
Honestly speaking, I can't tell if I know what genuine love, respect, and commitment is but I asked God to teach me how to love, respect, and help others, and I can say that He's been answering my prayers.
My problem is, I grow up not trusting anyone. I live with the fear of the unknown, thinking and believing that if I go into a relationship, I'd end up blowing everything up. Most times if I'm courageous enough to go into one, I end up feeling I'm not good enough hence, becomes very clingy. I know something is wrong with me but how to tackle that is my problem. 
I need your prayers as I have been having many suitors these days. I don't want to end up being alone at the long run so please pray for me.

Our family image, the attitude of our parents plays a major role in how we relate with our partner, and how we perceive others. What you're experiencing is a psychological effect of the trauma, fights, and many quarrels you were exposed to in your family.
You will need to stop viewing yourself from your parent's attitude, and consciously acquire those virtues that you desire in your life. Read books that will help you grow in understanding of your personality, passion, and purpose for your life. Listen to tapes and messages that will energise and strengthen you emotionally, mentally and psychologically. 
Don't rush the process of self discovery nor be in a hurry to fix yourself, minimise listening to the complaints from your parents, if possible stop entertaining their calls and complaints. They're old enough to solve their marital challenges without involving their children. 
Take your time to develop stable friendship with others, don't work too hard to be in love or be too fearful to make mistakes in your relationship. It's a learning curve, it's a process that will prepare you for your marriage, and help you understand your personality and men in general. 
All men are not like your father, and you don't need to fight to win a man. Take your time, diffuse the tension, fears, insecurities, and low self esteem by equipping yourself with the right attitude, and you will definitely fall in love without struggles. 
Pray for your parents but try your possible best never to interfere in their marital challenges, they are in the best position to solve their problems.

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