Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Her Family Rejected Me!

Aunty Amara!!! Happy New Month Ma.
Hehehe!! I am laughing because I have been following you for two years now and never thought I will be writing you. Have been learning a lot here and the zeal to be the best husband to my future wife and good father to my kids has kept me glued here. I also introduced my fiancée to this page immediately we got serious. Ma I have to alert you, this might be a long one and I pray you are ready for it.

I am turning 29 years this month while she's still 24 years and will be 25 years by July. I'm an only child (lost three of my siblings, my eldest brother was killed by a girl *long story*). I am not giving out this information for sympathy but to make you understand how serious this is.
Don't know how she might feel about me sharing this here but I'm doing this for us, especially her. Please kindly let me know when posting it so I can get her to read it.
I was supposed to see my fiancée’ people this coming weekend but they turned me down without even seeing me for the first time. Her mom is late, her dad remarried and left them with his two older sisters who never got married and are retired civil servants.
Last Saturday she reminded them about my coming, though I didn't really find out what they told her because she just said "babe we might end up not getting married". I lost it and told her to move on with another guy then especially the one they choose for her since that's what she wants since she can't fight for herself because I am the second guy asking for her hand in marriage. They rejected the first because according to them he is from Rivers state and they are from Orlu, Imo State.
When she first told them about me, they asked her where I am from, she said Abia State, and they asked her why she didn't see anyone from Orlu or Imo State. They also asked her where I work, she told them, they said that our company's chairman is known for sacking people, that didn't she see a civil servant or someone that has a job that guarantees him pension to marry.
With this new development she asked me to find someone else that she doesn't want to hold me back and have decided not to marry since that's what they want. Said she was going to her eldest sister's place to start a new life. Her eldest sister disobeyed them when they did the same thing to her and got pregnant for her man who is now her husband. So they told her the only option she has is to follow the steps of her eldest sister.
We both agreed we won't be doing such before this happened plus I promised her that no matter what I'll marry her honourably. Won't be giving them that satisfaction to make people see them as wayward.
According to her, her aunties decide what happens to them because their father doesn't really care. Their father's action is always based on whatever her sisters decide.
They are eight in their family and she's the third girl yet only their eldest sister who took laws into her hand is married while she and her immediate elder sister are left at the mercy of these aunts.
Ma, I don't just love this girl but have maximum respect for her. Even with all she's been through, she doesn't fail in lightening up anywhere she finds herself. My family (nuclear and extended) has taken to her as if she's a prescription. The kind of rapport she has with my mom is out of this world. Two of them do talk often and none of them will ever agree to tell me what they discuss, my mom that never hides secret from me.
She opened up to me that my mom is the first mom to ever tell her that she loves her (what my mom has never told me ooh…lol). That she doesn't really know how it feels to have a mother's love and that she told her to also see me as her brother that we are both her kids. My aging grandmother can't even wait for me to marry her. She’s already named our first son.
I have this bad temperament that once I am angry with you I might not talk to you the whole day, people close to me do not dare talking to me when I'm in such mood, but this God sent angel came and told me "Oga I don't know how your past relationships have been but whenever you're angry you just have to talk to me". Me sef fear, something no one has ever attempted or said to me.
A lot of big people have asked her out or to marry them but she still chose me even when she's aware I don't have anything. Have told my princess a lot of things to scare and make her change her mind but she will tell me that she's only seeing the future (fine, smart, intelligent, articulate lady, etc. believing in the future in this era? When she can get whatever she wants easily with her beauty).
Ma this girl makes me blush like I'm the girl. Always want to see my teeth because she loves admiring them and will always giggles whenever I smile even when the smile is not for her because she's in love with my smile. Have grown to feel secured in places that did make me feel insecure because of her. With her I feel so powerful. Haven’t really thought towards marriage till she came around. Now I can't even wait to make her my wife. When we talk about the future it sounds so sweet like a melody.
Aunty please talk to her for me, she said she's no longer interested in marriage and I told her that if it will make her happy for my lineage to close then we will both be single for the rest of our lives. Even before talking to her aunties, I told her that no matter how long it takes that I will make her my wife and I mean it. The devil is already seeing how powerful both of us will be in future which is why he is fighting now but I'm not even shaking, I’m not that prayerful but have been singing my worship song since then. I'm only worried about her; left for me I keep telling her that it's a small issue and that I am bigger than her aunties. We all have family problems so it's no big deal.
My issue with her is that once they decide for her, she accepts it hook, line and sinker. She will just reply when I talk that I don't know her family that once they decide, that is it and there is nothing she can do about it. Her siblings had to help her confront them before they accepted I should come initially before they changed their mind again. They are still the same people that told her and her elder sister to follow them to go see their pastor, he said there is a reason they are not yet married.
May, I am willing to fight together with her till the end once she is up for it because no matter what, it is more of her battle to fight. Even got her somewhere to work where I'm based but they won't let her go. They don't even let her go anywhere.
Have briefed my mom about the situation and they have both talked, also warned my mom that I am ready to wait till the end and that no one should ever mention moving on to me no matter how long it lasts. Waited my whole life to find a love like this and I'm not going to throw it out the window just like that.
I decided to take this battle head on so her younger sister won't also have to go through this same painful experience. It will make me proud hearing her tell our kids I will forever be her hero. I am ready to support this amazing lady and make sure she pursues her heart desires and succeed in it no matter what it takes.
Aunty, please talk to us especially her. If you can convince her to write you and explain things better for you I'll truly appreciate it because I know she needs to let out a lot of things.
Thank you so much and I am really sorry for giving you this long assignment and for filling up your page.

I didn't remember that today is the beginning of the month of love until I read your emmm passionate, real and romantic letter. 
I was smiling all through because this is really lovely, and I'm glad to know that there are men who love their partner selflessly and sacrificially, irrespective of the trials and challenges that may confront their relationship. 
The bulk of the counselling will be for your partner, and I will love to hear from her before I give both of you suggestions that I feel will help both of you. 
While I wait for her mail, please permit me to read your mail again and again. 
You're truly in love, and even the devil is afraid of your kind of love. I pray that God will grant the desires of your heart, and perfect that which concerns you. 


  1. Bro no need to worry yourself if she's for you, she will come back to her senses and disobey them... With prays too. I love like you...

  2. I never knew that such love still exist my dear God will touch her and she will stay and fight for her right I wish you both a happy married life in advance

  3. Beautiful piece dear, can't wait to see someone write such wonderful things about me.


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