Saturday, February 25, 2017

I'm Not Comfortable with His Request.

Ma good day, I have this guy am dating but am older than him with three years but we love ourselves. The problem is that he's still in school, he will finish next year, and 28 clocking 29 by next month so I feel like I can't wait for him because age is not by my side but all the guys I have been meeting either have someone that they want to marry or that they are not serious.

Finally I met this guy on Facebook, he's from Imo. He invited but I refused cos I hate visiting people I meant on Facebook, so after he decided to come visit but he said I must escort him to the wedding so I agreed and he came and we went to the wedding. After the wedding, he insisted that we must go to his house in Owerri, I refused but I didn't want to argue much with him so I followed him to his house and he wanted to touch me but I was on my period so we didn't do anything that night, but I noticed this particular girl calling him but I wasn't very sure so I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said yes, so I asked him if he's engaged to anyone, he said no and I said okay thanks for telling me the truth, so we slept that night and I left the next day. He gave me money for my transport and even dropped me at the park, so we continued talking on phone he was inviting me I still refuse but he later came to pick me so I followed him again to his place.
On getting there I noticed the same girl calling again but he didn't pick so when he went to bath I took his phone and checked his text message with the girl, I only found one cos he normally deletes them but I found one, the girl's father sent him a list of introduction... So my mood changed and when he came out, he noticed that my mood changed so as he was talking to me I was not responding well again so I asked him about the girl and the list but he lied about everything, he denied it saying that the girl was his brother's wife, and the list too that is not for him.
So I became so angry for him lying to me and finally he told me the truth that the list was his and that the girl is his girl and that he wanted to go ask about the girl from his people, that is not introduction this and that, but I know is bullshit so I didn't want him to touch me so we slept and I woke up and left the next day, but he begged me and said he will suspend anything about the list for now, that he wants to know me better, that he loves me and that I should allow things flow between us...
So I left there and went home but he never stopped calling morning, afternoon, and night and he even came to visit me where am serving, and we made love for the first time, and my period started that day so he stayed and left the next day... After that we still kept in touch but this time I was the one doing the calling most times not him, at times he might not even pick. If I ask him, he will say he's busy that he wants to travel to Lagos and from Lagos go back to Malaysia.
So I said okay, but the night before he travelled to Lagos, the girl sent me a message on WhatsApp saying 'hi' so I responded 'hi' who is this please but she never said anything again till today, then later she uploaded a picture of her and the guy where she is seeing him off to the airport.
So I told the guy that the girlfriend texted me ooo on WhatsApp, and he was like what did you guys talk about and I said nothing that she just hi and he said okay. So the guy has travelled now to Malaysia and he still calls me and text me on WhatsApp but what is paining me now is that he's asking me to send him sexy pictures but I refused. What do I do?

If you are not comfortable with waiting for a man or you're not sure you have a future with a man, be kind enough to let him know, and be sincere enough to terminate the relationship before dating another man. 
As for your Malaysian boo, if you are not comfortable with sharing your naked pictures with him, let him know your decision. 
I feel that at your age, you should know better what life entails and what you deserve in life. Your mail is somewhat painful and discouraging because you don't seem to be in charge of your life and your choices in your relationship. 
Well, you know better, but I will suggest that you wake up from your fantasies, and take charge of your life to avoid being tossed around like a sex object.


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  4. Pls Ladies let wise up, so after all dis ur story ur mind did nt tell u dat d guy did nt love u just only to have sex wit u and move on with his future wife? Pls nt everything we will ask AVL let's listen to our conscience. Don't send ur naked pix to anybody madam

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