Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Should I Ignore the Warning in my Dream?

Good day ma, please this have been a burden in my heart. l was in a relationship before now, broke up, it's actually been on and off in the relationship. At the time we were still together, we wanted taking things to the next level and I decided to seek the face of God
so I declared a one week fast and in the revelation one of the nights, it was negative, in fact it was like a warning in the dream not to go ahead.
I told my ex about it and he was like he believes if we pray about it to cancel it that he believes everything will be fine, while he told me long before now that he prayed even before I did mine and that I was the one he saw in his dream to go ahead.
Please ma I'm actually confused because he is still interested and I love him too, do I just forget about it and move on. Thanks ma in anticipation for you response and the group.

Many people claim to hear from God or receive revelation from God but they don't even have a personal relationship with him or have a platform for communicating or communing with God. 
Let's get this fact right, if you're not happy with your relationship and you 'seek the face of God' what you will get in your dream or revelation as you term it is a negative feedback, but was that from God? Nope it wasn't but it was from your mind. 
If you genuinely want to hear from God, you must separate your emotions and allow God to reveal his purpose for you. 
You must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy spirit and be familiar with his voice to know when your mind is manipulating you and when God is leading your heart. 
You need to have an in-depth understanding of God's word and allow his word to become part of your life to be able to say that truly God told you not to go ahead with a particular relationship. 
Another characteristics that you heard from God is that you fulfilled all that God expected you to do in your relationship and you were still not at peace with yourself, with God, and with your partner. 
You were faithful, you were sincere, you were respectful, you gave yourself wholly to the relationship, loved selflessly, and devoted your time and emotions to your relationship, and in the end you still weren't at peace with the relationship, maybe it's God's way of reminding you that you deserve better than what you're experiencing.
But what's most important before claiming to have heard from God is that you must have a personal relationship with God and a communion with him in which you can discern between your emotions and God's leading. 
If you're convinced that you heard from God, then heed his voice and follow his leading. 
But if you love him and believe that both of you can work on your differences , then I will suggest that you give your relationship another chance.

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