Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What Should I Do Not to Lose my Husband?

Pastor my story goes like this! Last year July 26th was when I meet my husband true my girlfriend, I keep in house in Port Harcourt, but before then I was pregnant for someone that was met to marry me, but the marriage the work out again.
And I decided to keep my pregnancy for myself, but pastor when this guy came into my life, I told him that am three months pregnant and I will love to keep my baby and he said to me no problem that he will marry me with the pregnancy.
Pastor I even asked him how will you tell your people about it, he told me I should not worry about it. Pastor the day I met my husband he asked me if I marry can I suck my man and I said yes.
Pastor on the 21st of August 2016 he paid my bride price and did our traditional marriage too. From that day we started living together in the house. Pastor after some time my husband started complaining so much that it's like he made a big mistake by marrying me. And he said to me that I can't suck he's sperm and drink it too and besides he asked me about it and I said yes to him.
Pastor that was how the problem started, pastor I have to travel to PH because of this problem. When I got to PH, I had to call my mother-in-law and told her the problem am having with the son even the sex part of it. And my husband now told the family that the baby am carrying is not his own, and for that he will not marry me again.

I'm so sorry for what you are experiencing in your marriage, I wish you had approached the issue in your marriage with maturity and wisdom.
In marriage, you must be careful never to expose your intimate struggles with those your partner isn't comfortable with.
Both of you had an agreement on what you both wanted in the bedroom, and you accepted to give him a blow job. Let's say you agreed to that under duress, if you are no longer comfortable with his demands, you could have discussed with him, and agree on what's workable with both of you instead of involving his mother. 
No man is comfortable talking about his "negative" sexual life even with his own mother, so reporting to his own mother about his demanding that you suck his sperm is as good as humiliating him before his own family, that's why he exposed your little secret and now wish to punish you by terminating the marriage. 
For him to go ahead and marry you in spite of your pregnancy could be an evidence that he truly loves you but it could also mean he took advantage of your situation for his own selfish desires. 
Well, I suggest you plead with him, apologize for hurting him, and if you think you want to go on, see if he can write me. It's up to you my dear. If you were once comfortable with it but not any longer, discuss it and do what you are comfortable with. But I must let you know that life may never be the same again between you and his family.

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