Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Am I Pushing Him to Marry Me?

Good day and God bless... Please am really confused as to what to do in this case....
I have known my guy for almost nine to ten years now, though we have not been that serious till last year I moved close to him, he promised to marry me immediately am through with NYSC...
Now he stayed with his master for nine good years and was just settled this year January.... Last two years he said it will be 2019 which I kicked against and he changed it to 2018. Now he turned it to be 2020 which he said might not reach then if God opens his way. Now I told him I can't wait till then and he started being angry that I should give him answer in twenty four hours time if am waiting or not...
Although he was settled late but he's making it already.. He's almost completing his house in the village and is comfortable here and doing well in his business. Now I will be 29 years by June and he will be 30 years.
Aunty my people want me to settle down cos age is no longer by my side and my people is hoping that it will be 2018... Please ma what do I do in this issue? His people is aware of us and are happy about us but the time is my problem here, and he also said am pushing him, that he wants to settle before getting married.
Just confused of myself and everyone knows about us, nobody is coming to me again cos of him cos we are from the same village.
Please ma help me out... Thanks

His family loves you... Yes 
Everyone knows about you... Yes 
You moved close to him... Yes 
He promised you marriage... Yes
Your people wants you to settle down... Yes 
Age is not on your side... Yes
Are you really pushing him to marriage?? It's an emphatic yes. 
Granted that his family loves you, and you feel that he's already making it, the plain truth is that you're pressurising him to marriage with your attitude. 
You're the only one who is talking about this marriage, fixing, agreeing, and disagreeing with him, but in plain terms he's sincerely not interested in marriage. 
My advise is simple, don't take yourself out of the dating market because of a marriage promise. 
Go out there, mingle, make friends, follow your passion and give men who appreciate your value the opportunity to love you and make you feel loved. If your partner is genuinely interested in getting married to you, you don't need to force him or remind him of what he ought to do. 
Allow him to finish his house, but don't wait for him because he promised marriage to you. Allow God to bless you with your own husband, and stop choking this innocent man with marriage plans.


  1. Please, inasmuch as I understand that time is no longer with you, you sound so desperate and it looks like marriage is the only reason you are alive. How can you pressurize a man to marry you? It's very WRONG! A man that wants to be with you will do anything just to be with you. I think he is not into you anymore and I want you to accept the bitter truth. Please, go out there, get a life, indulge in self development, give him some breathing space, If he really wants you, he will come for you. If not, please move on, marriage is not all there is. There are a lot you can achieve for yourself, stop being desperate.


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