Wednesday, March 8, 2017

He's Getting Married but He Still Loves Me!

Good evening Aunty Amara, I need your advice. There is this guy I met four months ago through my girlfriend, we started having sex,
I will not call it a relationship because I told him that I have a boyfriend, he said that's not an issue because he also have a girlfriend.
We started having sex, but the issue now is that he called me last month, he told me that he is getting married to his girlfriend but he still loves me, that he wants us to still continue.
Am totally confused at this stage because I made a promise to God not to sleep with any married man.
Please aunty Amara advice me on what to do, may God bless you. 

I don't really know what is confusing about his decision because he made his position clear to you. I will try to help you understand what he said so that you will decide if you are comfortable with his suggestion or not. 
This is basically a sex-ship, that is a mutual agreement to satisfy your sexual needs irrespective of your relationship status. 
Both of you agreed to enjoy each other and grease your sexual passion in your life. You were comfortable with the idea maybe because your boyfriend wasn't giving you maximum satisfaction and he was hotter in bed. 
Now he informed you that he will be getting married to his girlfriend, but that he will still wish for both of you to continue with your sex-ship. 
If you were comfortable having sex with him while you were in a relationship with another man, why are you suddenly confused about having sex with him after his wedding? 
Well, he is of the opinion that it doesn't really matter having sex with you after his wedding, but since you are not comfortable with his idea, kindly let him know that you wish to terminate your sex-ship, but if you are comfortable with it, then you don't need to worry about that, besides it will be outside his house and his wife may never know. 
On a more serious note I am pained that as beautiful and gorgeous as you are, you could reduce yourself to a sex object and betray your partner for a momentary pleasure with no future. 
To imagine that you are confused after he has used and dumped you for his girlfriend underscores the poor perception of your personality and self esteem. 
You need to wake up and think with your brains, you need to place a value on your personality and stop being a door mat for every man with a penis. You need to realize that you are not getting younger as you think but you're getting older, and you need to ask yourself some important questions about your future and your expectations in life. 
If you continue this way, what do you hope to make out of your life in five years time? What value do you benefit from having sex with him, and where will his penis position you in the nearest future? 
You need to wake up from this foolishness you call confusion and stand on your feet to avoid regrets and emotional pains in the future. 
If you are no longer comfortable in your relationship, kindly quit and go for a single and emotionally available man, not a man in a relationship or a married man. 

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