Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How Do I Support My Partner During Menstruation?

Good evening Mummy, please over the past years I don't have experience with ladies regarding how to know about there menstruations period and ovulating period.
Most of the times, my fiancé complains of headaches during ovulation and menstruations period, and as a jjc in relationship what can I do for her during these period to make sure she is happy because we are on distance relationship thanks.

Menstruation is the period that the womb bleeds because there was no sperm to fertilize the egg, and as such every member of a woman is weeping and hoping that the handsome bobo will work hard and prepare himself to take good care of his baby girl. 
Menstruation signals the completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. The dead egg will have to give way for the body prepare for the arrival of a new egg. The cycle varies from one lady to another, though there may be some irregularities which may alter the cycle of a lady. 
Always note the very first day that your partner starts menstruating, it shows that you are observant and that you really care about her wellbeing. 
For some ladies, this is the most irritable period of her cycle, for some, it may trigger high sexual libido or high sensitivity to anything, for some it's the time they get emotionally unstable and annoying. So pay attention and note the very first day of her menstrual flow. Menstrual flow may last between two to seven days, and the cycle may be between twenty days to thirty two days.

What can you do to make her feel calm and loved? 


She may not sound nice and loving, but listen to her. 
She may get aggressive, Bros just ignore her and listen. 
She may get weak and tired, uncle, please don't complain, just listen. 

She may not necessarily be comfortable with telling you everything that's going on in her body, but reassure her of your understanding, support and love. 
Let her know how much you love her and is willing to support her. 
Be proud of her, and appreciate her, and please don't talk about anything that might have gone wrong before then. 
Some ladies are not nice during menstruation period. Always remember that hormones takes charge of her body during those periods, so it's good for you to open your heart and support her. 
For a long distance relationship, communicate often, ask to know how she feels, and what she feels like doing, listen more and talk less. She knows how to figure out the rest. 

After the last day of the menstrual flow begins a new cycle. For individuals in a committed relationship, it's pertinent you know the cycle of your partner to help you when making some sensitive decisions and family planning. If your partner has a twenty eight days cycle, it means that every twenty eight days after her last menstrual flow, she will experience menstruation. 

Roughly the middle of a woman's cycle is her ovulation period. Ovulation period is the sexual peak of a lady, the time that she desires sex like a thirsty deer, and a time that her body is all prepared to receive the loving touch of a man's penis. 
She may get too caring, close, tender, demanding, touchy, and emmm loving. She seems to see a more handsome man in you, and wish to pamper you in her own little way. 
Her body gets aroused and her mind thinks all about you. This definitely is her most fertile period in her cycle. 

Again, pay attention and shower her with love. Let her know how much you miss her, wish to cuddle her, and make her feel like a woman or keep company with her. 
Imagine all the beautiful things love can do, and relate that to her in the most romantic way you can. Connect with her through the things that she cherish, and watch her desire more and more of you. 

The momentary fever, headaches, and abdominal pains, are all the subtle way to know that she's ovulating. Your assurance and kind word is all she needs to feel connected and comfortable with you. 
When both of you are married, you may learn more with her and probably know how best to connect with her.

I commend your efforts and commitment towards ensuring that you give your best to your partner, and I pray God will perfect all that concerns you and grant the very desires of your heart.

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