Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ladies Love Me As a Brother, What Should I do?

Mummy good evening,
Mummy I need your advice, am 24 years old, still a virgin which I have kept to myself. I am a graduate from Unimaid, but mummy each time fall in love,
 I cherishes so much but as time goes on she will say she loves me so much but she loves me as a brother and nothing more.
Mummy it has happened three times now, and I don't base in Nigeria but I do come back twice a year. Please mummy help me. 

Take a deep breath and take things with patience and peace of mind. Don't in your bid to shower love on a lady forget that you are actually in need of love. In the real sense of the word we give what we need, so while you spend your emotions and time wooing a lady, take your time to avoid looking desperate and sending a signal that makes a lady to perceive you as a distraction or disturbance to her. 
Make friends, be yourself, and give love, but always give a space to know whether you're dealing with a sister or a girlfriend. 
Avoid projecting where you are, what you do, and what you have above your personality and vision as a man. Don't ever impress anyone, express yourself, and leave the doors open for anyone who is uncomfortable with your personality. 
It's a journey and you don't necessarily need a girl who sees you as a brother alone, but a friend who believes so much in you, and is willing to grow with you irrespective of your weaknesses and shortcomings as an individual. 
Like I said, avoid choking a lady with love, don't lose yourself because you want to win the heart of a lady, love is natural and is ought to be mutual, so if it's not there, don't force it. 
Love will definitely find you, be focused on your vision and empower yourself with all the virtues that you need to become a great man, and allow God to crown your life with a lovely companion and partner.

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