Friday, March 17, 2017

I Hate My Tiny Legs!

Will just go straight to the point...... Am having a complex problem cause of my legs......
I have very tiny legs but got a nice up shape #boobs, flat tummy and ass#.....
but the tiny legs are my problem.... Have taken series of injections and drugs etc just to make them a bit fatter than they are but all to no avail............
Am to meet a guy that I have known on Facebook since 2011, we first started as buddies and now we are lovers although we have not met ...but I can swear this is Real love and he's been aching to meet me and so am I..... But am scared if my legs will turn him off.....
He is a good, well natured BigBoy, one every babe will love to have......He loves me and I can comfortably say am the only babe in his life, that I truly know............
Have been delaying our meeting but I can't anymore .......but my legggggs
I have prayed, fasted, asking God for favour for him to love me the way I am. ......

If only you know the economic importance of your hot, sexy and tiny legs, you will definitely not be worried about your legs. 
God blessed you with a tiny leg so that you can recreate, and explore so much with your husband in the sex room. 
Tiny legs has no limitations to your life as a lady, and it doesn't limit you from fulfilling all the duties and responsibilities of a lady. If anything, it adds to your creativity and makes you unique and exceptional from others. 
My suggestion would be to embrace your body and pray for a man that will accept you and your body without any reservation. 
Taking drugs to add flesh to your bones is only inviting trouble to yourself at old age. 
There's no need to panic or worry about your legs, I mean if they're not broken, why panic?
If your boyfriend loves you as much as you claimed, he won't have any issues accepting the whole of your personality, spirit, soul and body.


  1. Tiny legs are the best, most ladies that have big legs are crying. #Ella

  2. Low self esteem is the issue here, thank God u hv tiny legs,it will help u separate wheat from chaff and save u from future pains

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  4. no need for worry jare, i dont think the problem really lies in the estranged lover not accepting you for who you are as to you not accepting and loving yourself, that is actually what you need to start doing the rest will handle itself and dont forget to pick pieces that accentuates and defines those beautiful legs... What you wear and how you wear it matters... from

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