Friday, March 3, 2017

What Should I Do to Win Her Heart?

Good day ma! Am a guy in my early 30's, working and by God's grace comfortable. I've been dating a lady since our school days like four years now.
At first everything was okay, she was homely and nice, but as time went by, things started changing basically from her side. I have not really been a saint in it all especially when the pressure of being a bread winner increased on me after the death of my father. She has cheated on me on two occasions without remorse in which she gave me the reason that it's because of my atitude. I tried to make things workout between us, I  even invited her to my place in Lagos to talk things over but to my surprise she had her bedroom picture with a different man in her phone.
I love this lady but I don't really know what else to say or do about this. I do carter for her financial needs the much I can until she started taking advantage of me. She is currently serving outside Lagos.
Please help me on what to do next...

You have invested four years of your life with your partner, you won't say that you are under the influence of your hormones because you can see clearly the kind of lady you're dealing with. 
She's not really in love with you or sincerely committed to what you called relationship. She seems to me like a lady who is giving you the impression that she's with you but in the reality of things, she's actually with other men or perhaps searching for another man. The kind of lady who's with a boyfriend but is still looking for a better boyfriend.. Lol 
So maybe you should wake up and give yourself some sense of respect and dignity. You love her, and it's obvious but the plain truth is that you're alone in this ship. 
My suggestion, quit communicating with her, stop begging for her attention, and focus on organizing yourself. If she doesn't value your personality, she won't miss your absence, and your care and attention won't make any difference in her life, but if she's truly in love with you, she will be the one to reach out to you and make amends in her attitude towards the relationship. 
Don't in your bid to win the heart of a lady lose focus on the virtues that you desire in your wife. Don't fight to win her heart, and then accept attributes and attitude that you know that you can't cope with for the rest of your life. 
Cheating on you twice could be a mistake, but for her to share other men with you suggests that she's not really excited about your relationship. 
So try your best to wean your heart from her, and if possible move on with your life. God will give you a lady that will appreciate your personality and help you become a better man.

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