Monday, March 6, 2017

A Pastor Said He's Not my Husband!

Hello ma, thanks for being a heart to talk you. Thank you always for previous advises too. God will continue to bless you. Please I need your advice yet again.
Am not really the type that believes in my pastor said this and that. I believe as a Christian I can go to God directly. My issue is, my last relationship, my sister talked to her pastor about it and the woman said the guy was mine. Up till when we were having issues, she was still saying same thing. I didn't really stay cos of that. I did cos I loved him and we had come far almost ten years, and I was ashamed of what people will say, and he was my first love. But I had to pray and I asked God to lead me, after that he left. 
Now am serving and and dating a Corper. Have prayed about it. We have. I have this inner conviction about him and he's a wonderful person who has good and great influence on me. 
My mum went to see my sister's pastor not to discuss about me oooo but my mum said she mentioned to her that the person am dating now is not the one that the right person is coming. I was vexed in my spirit when my mum told me because I felt the pastor should hide her head in shame after what she said in my last relationship.
I told my mum that the message wasn't meant for me, that I know how to talk to my God. The thing is, I am convinced that things will work out fine for me, and I believe it 100% even though I fear. What do I do??? I don't want this to unsettle me in anyway.

Be focused, seek the face of God, and allow him to direct your path in your relationship. 
Don't allow anyone to make you feel that they're in a better position to hear from God on your behalf than you. Pray, fast and patiently allow God to reveal his purpose for your relationship. 
You're afraid because you haven't handed everything over to God, when you do, you will never struggle with expecting the best from God and allowing him to reveal his purpose for the relationship. 
Appreciate your mum's good intentions for your relationship but entrust everything to God who knows much more than any pastor or parent. 

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