Monday, April 17, 2017

Her Attitude Frustrates our Relationship.

Season greetings Sis Amara and fans.. I have an emotional issue am dealing with. It all about this girl I was dating, at first the love was extremely blue(don't have best word I can use for it) without sex. But things started getting soured some weeks ago when a best friend of her( male) started making advancement to her.
I told her first the damage it may cause to our relationship, but she said the guy said he doesn't mind being a side guy. So she played along, as a result she lost it to him.
Her attitude toward me changed, she started snubbing me, anything I say or do irritates her. Meanwhile these are words or things we do to spice up our relationship. She is now so rude to me. I tried to know why all these attitudes but she act like nothing went wrong, even when my friends asked, she will tell them she just finished talking with me.
Meanwhile she doesn't pick my calls anymore, and now I have stopped calling her. She keeps acting like I was all wrong.
Now I also want to make peace so we just be friends again so she can continue with her current guy. If fate has it we can slide in together again now things are falling into place for me.
When she loved me then it was real love and supportive. It was my first time in love.

Dear young lover, 
There is something called dignity and self esteem, no matter how much you love a lady, never lose your esteem, or dignity. 
It is even painful that you allowed her to play pin ball with your conscience but to chase after her and beg for friendship is what I feel is more devastating to your personality.
She has made her choice which is to follow the other man, don't make peace with her because you never made war with her, instead move on with your life and love yourself more. 
First love left, move on to the next love, and never give up until you find true love.
You, just like every other lady born of a woman, don't need to do the impossible to win a lady's heart. 
If she's into you, you will experience true love with her, but if she's not into you, your efforts will only make her nag every now and then.

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