Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Does Loving A Lady Entail?

You dreamt of winning her heart, and with all your strategies you were able to get her singing love song for you, and dreaming about you all the time. 
Congratulations, but that's just the beginning of your lifetime responsibilities to her.
If anyone told you that loving a woman is just about giving her money and buying gifts, well I'm here to inform you that it's a whole lot more. 

So let's explore what loving a woman entails... That's after you have won her heart. 

  • Pay Attention

You see, ladies are sensitive beings, God carelessly placed sensors in every part of her life. 
She can perceive a man looking at her buttocks even when she's praying, hahaha, yes so true though. 
So the very salient need of a woman is a man who is very attentive to her. 
Notice her, notice every minor or major changes in her life. That's why she's with you. And when you do, don't forget to communicate that with her. If you can't talk about it with her, you are already losing her to someone or something else. 

  • Listen Passionately. 

Why passionate listening, because every lady communicates with all passion. Sometimes when you see ladies gisting (the refined word for gossiping), you might think that they're discussing about the economy of a great country, nope, they're analyzing the hair of their friend or maybe how that guy talks too much or doesn't love her passionately. 
So because she loves you, she will naturally express everything about herself to you, how her pants is getting loose, and how her nipples is itching her, (don't ask if you should suckle her, just tell her how much you empathize with her, and respect yourself.. Lol) simply listen and listen with every sense of sincerity. If you can't listen to her, please don't impress her by making her feel as though you're listening while you're actually asleep.

  • Motivate her. 

Most times once a lady falls in love with a man, he simply retires like a baby who have so longed for the breast and immediately he got it, fell asleep. Many ladies became lazy, frustrated, discouraged, and unmotivated simply because their partner doesn't motivate them. 
Every lady longs for a man who will help her realize the hidden potentials, inner strength, passion, and skills that she can maximize to her best. 
It's actually not enough to tell her how much you love her, can you please challenge her to become the best of herself. 
No lady wants to be relegated to raising children and supporting a man alone, now ladies aspire to transform the world, be a model to her children and the world at large, and be a brand that will stand the test of time. 
Let me tell you this secret, the reason why many ladies fall in love with their pastors, and all these motivational speakers is simply because they actually motivate her to be better, spiritual, happy, and great. It gets to a point that she will indirectly begin to disrespect you because she's already crushing for the man with the motivation than she is with the man paying the bills. 

  • Do Little Things for Her. 

A woman is trained to believe that she's the jack of all trade and master of all. You are meant to know how to cook, pamper your husband, raise your children, farm, clean the house, and be a virtuous woman. 
Lover boy or is it lover man, you can woow your partner by being supportive, by helping out in your own little way. 
What about doing dishes while she's cooking, what about waking up early and frying plantain with an omelet for her on a weekend, what about washing her undies (yuk... But it's clothes that you can wash too. Ehn), what about helping with changing the diapers or bathing the kids, I mean kids can bond with you too. It actually turns ladies on, and even before you touch her laps her panties will fly away, and what happens later is what I will tag 'to your tent oh Israel'

  • Pamper Her Always

I don't know who invented the idea of calling grown up ladies babies, but then again they're actually babies. They can be dramatic, moody, excited, playful, annoying, frustrating, and at the same time lovely, it all depends on your maturity to discern each mood, and then attend to them by giving her what she needs then. 
Sometimes a lady needs her space, simply grab your radio not your phone to avoid what you may not like to experience, nagging. Sometimes she needs someone to remind her that she's beautiful, please compliment her with reckless abandon. Remember those trainings you had in high school on how to write an essay, use it to describe your partner. Describe her bum, breast, legs, eyes, skin, legs, hips, and everything in between, I mean you need to make her feel like a goddess, because that's a woman's heart desire from her man. 
Sometimes she needs you to listen, please save your channel for sports and football, and pay attention to your bride, besides you didn't come this far to allow TV to rob you of your baby. 
Treat her with all tender love and care, and she may one day forget to use makeup when leaving simply because she's feeling all loved up, courtesy of your love and attention. 

I shared these tips with you because I want you to enjoy the woman in your life. 
Now can you go ahead and make her happy, who knows she might even come here to gist with me... Lol 

Before I forget, please share with your friends.

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