Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Does Paying the Bride Price Make the Lady A Legitimate Wife?

Hello Aunty Amara, you are doing a wonderful work. I have a fiancè, he is not in Nigeria at the moment and we are planning on doing our introduction and engagement soon,
but his family will do all this on his behalf and I will be joining him.
My question is, is paying of bride price and introduction makes me his wife or is it wrong in a Christian way? Because I want what we are planning to do to be right because I don't want to have premarital sex.
Please enlighten me about this. Thank you.

The moment the bride price of a lady is paid and her family have given their blessings to the marriage, she's married to her husband, and can perform all the wife duties and roles to her husband. 
If you have the intention to include church wedding in your wedding programme, it is okay but even if you are unable to infuse church wedding in your wedding projects, it doesn't make you less of a wife to him, nor does engaging in sexual intercourse with him make you a sinner. 
Hope you have done your due diligence like making enquiries about his family and his personality, knowing his marital status, kind of job, and his vision as a man. 
I hope that you are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually prepared for this journey. 
Well as long as you are deeply convinced and comfortable with the preparations, I will only wish you the very best in your marriage. 

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