Sunday, April 23, 2017

Should Partners Explore their Sexual Compatibility In Courtship?

Good day Aunty Amara, if a man says sex is very important in a relationship that is why there's courtship for the couples to be able to know each
other's sex life, and he's serious about it..
Is that enough reason to break a relationship?

Relationship is a journey of two different individuals with different personalities, diversity,  and perspective of life. 
The lady who desires to wait till wedding night to meet her husband is protecting her interest, the man who feels that there's a need for him to know the sexual compatibility and sexual adaptability of his partner, is also protecting his interest. 
If both of them cannot reach a mutual compromise either to wait or explore their sexual adaptability, then it's only safe to agree to terminate the relationship. 
One of the difficult things to change is the ideologies of individuals, and no matter what you say or do to convince him, if it doesn't suit his ideology, then he will never accept it. 
If he doesn't accept your option, and you're not willing to compromise on your convictions, please let him be. 
How intending couples chooses to court is specifically known to both of them, what works for A may not work for B, so there's no straight rule but the bottom line is let it be that at the end of the courtship, you can confidently say that you are emotionally, spiritually, and mentally prepared to walk down the aisle with your partner. 

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