Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Her Father Wants to Have Sex with Her.

Hello Aunty Amara, thanks for the good job you are doing. Aunty please I need advice.
Am am a Nigerian, I stay here in Ghana. Aunty one of my female friend just confided in me to tell me that
her biological father wants to have sex with her. He disturbs her when nobody is around and threatens her not to tell anybody even her mum, else he won't take care of her again.
Aunty she haven't done it but she said she doesn't want to disgrace her Dad, and am also in good terms with her mum but telling her mum will be a very big problem.
Please what can I advice her because am the only person she has told this. 

Tell her to be brave enough to confront the evil challenging her destiny and future. 
It's a whole lot better to face life with God supporting her than for her to cow into the pressure of her father and live with the psychological torture of having sex with her own father. 
She should let her father know in a respectful manner that over her dead body will she allow him have a carnal knowledge of her body, and that if he doesn't back down, she will be forced to invite the law enforcement agency in Ghana to intervene on her behalf. 
She shouldn't inform her mother yet, his reaction to her confrontation will determine whether she should inform her mother and the law enforcement agencies or not. 
In an event where he refuses to back out, she will then need to document her evidences, most likely a recorded discussion of her father, and register the case with the government security services.
We don't have a place for mentally deranged individuals who parade themselves as normal human beings. 
She shouldn't be afraid or worried about speaking up, God and the world will fight her battles against sexual molestation.


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