Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I'm Pregnant for a Married Man!

Aunty A, I'm a girl in my early twenties, I have this guy that loves me so much but unfortunately he's married. I registered my fears about us to him and he always gets so mad saying I don't trust him enough to take care of me emotionally and otherwise.
Along the line, I fell in love with him... I'm three months pregnant with his baby, he has sworn to come and do the traditional rites once I give him a go ahead, though he met my family during Christmas, they all like him but don't know his status!
He's most concerned about my NYSC since it's just months away.
I just want to stay away from home till my baby is delivered cause I love him enough to nurse his child but...
Aunty I'm just confused about my mum, there's a friend of mine I could talk with to stand in as the baby daddy for the mean time so my parents could rest and ease off while I'm away.
Advice me oh please.

God made you beautiful, gave you wisdom, blessed you with lovely parents, and provided all you needed to become a happy lady, but you decided to make your life complex with your decisions. 
Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your pregnancy, no matter how complex things might be, your pregnancy is a gift from God. 
Since you love him enough to keep his baby, be honest enough to tell your parents who his/her father is. The worst that will happen is that everyone will be mad at you but not strong enough to take your life or hurt your baby. 
Your decision and suggestion on how to take care of yourself during pregnancy is okay, but don't deceive anyone by presenting another man as the father of your child. 
If you will listen to my suggestion, I will encourage you to give birth to your baby, and strive to give the best to your baby, but avoid getting married to him because of your baby unless you feel that you are comfortable enough to live with his first wife and children. 
It may not be rosy for you but you will definitely pull through with wisdom, maturity and determination. This is the best time to consider alternative sources of income to support yourself while nursing your baby because things may not be as they are used to in the past.
Life is a journey, prepare yourself for this path you have chosen for yourself. 

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