Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Her Vagina Stinks!

Good day ma, I have a very serious problem, each time I make love with my woman, her
private part stinks.
Please ma what is the cause of this, and I want to help her out. 

Ordinarily I address this in my inbox but there is a need for ladies to wake up and consider their hygiene and health more than they consider fashion, and social media. 
The vagina can produce odour as a result of infection or poor hygiene. As much as we may believe that more ladies are aware of their body, there are some ladies who still need to learn how to keep their body healthy, how to decipher the color of every discharge in the vagina and what they represents, how to know when they're infected and what to do. 
Your partner needs to visit her gynecologist to conduct a full swab test to know what could be responsible for the vagina odour. 
There is a need for you to join her in the treatment because the hand that is stained with oil is as guilty as the plate that contains the oil. 
With right treatment and medical diagnosis, she will be fine and both of you can enjoy sex without any discomfort.

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