Saturday, April 15, 2017

I'm Not Comfortable with His Church!

Help me Aunty Amara, I have a fiance and we have fixed date for introduction but the guy worships in a white garment Church that was established by his step mother. I told him that he will wed me in my church which he agreed before now.
Lately something came up, my dad went and confronted his Father about the church stuff in which the father got angry and told my fiancé what my father said. Now he is angry with me because he had it in mind to tell them of his promise to wed me in my church when he goes home but the father already got to know through my dad.
He told me that I must join him to worship with him both in the city and in the village after wedding me in my church. Am just down because I don't want to go to white garment church but I love him very much, and losing him has been a difficult task to me.
Now his family is no more interested in the marriage and is making him to have double mind about it. I don't know what to do because I love him very much but I still don't want to join him to worship in his white garment church, please help me.
I just need your advice, thanks. 

The major bone of contention is not necessarily what your father said or what his father did. The major bone of contention is not even the attitude of your fiancé to all these drama. 
The real bone of contention is your conviction and perception of his church and what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of your love for him. 
According to your mail, he promised to wed you in your church, but deep down you don't wish to have anything to do with his church. I want to ask, is that also part of the agreement you had with him? If you don't wish to have anything to do with his church, and he's not willing to accommodate your concerns, then the marriage is almost dead on arrival. 
I will suggest that you examine everything critically, if you can't sacrifice your church for the man you love, and you cannot accommodate his church for the rest of your life with him, it's not advisable for you to marry him. 
When you have sorted out your convictions, then we can talk about your fiancé' attitude and his family's position.

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  1. If you cannot worship in his church, run as far as your legs can carry you before you wed him. You will wish you did so once you get married. The quarrels that will emanate from that issue will make you question whether getting married for love was worth it


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